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Customer support is one of the most important factors in the MLM software field.

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Features of Support/ Ticket system module

Cloud MLM Software is integrated with a centralized support/ticket system that will handle queries through tickets, web forums, and phone calls. The method will create tickets for the queries as per the significance of the query and check the position. Our own ticket system module gives clear explanations to analyze problems and proceeds actions with a tracking system.

The Cloud MLM Support Ticket System module offers the following features:

  • Depends on the Chart API module, the ticketing activity is illustrated with interesting charts.
  • Tickets can be attached to clients.
  • Tickets support conditions (fresh, effective, pending, finished, etc) and preferences (low, high, normal, critical, etc).
  • Adaptive email information for fresh and updated tickets.
  • Email integration provides tickets to be developed and updated through email, with support for attachments. The new clients can be automatically created.
  • Well, adaptive customer and user ticket analysis, featuring tickets that haven't been updated for a long time.
  • Completely integrated with Drupal's search functionality, users can only search for tickets they have access to.
  • Supports an extensive number of customers, each with their own structure and access authorizations.
  • Tickets are nodes, ticket updates are remarks.

Cloud MLM Software has pre-defined solutions and self-help choices in which the customer can discover the solutions for the commonly asked doubts. And our Cloud MLM software support system enclosed with other features like Email notifications, preserved feedback, file adapter, time spent on tickets, reply and article rating, SPAM avoidance, reports, multi-language, and more.

Importance of support/ticket system module

Cloud MLM's ticket system is a generally-used and reliable open source support ticket system. It smoothly conveys inquiries designed via email, web forms, and phone calls into a simple, feasible, multi-user, web-based user support system. It happens filled with more features and tools than nearly all of the costly and complex support ticket systems on the market. The best part is, it's totally free. Cloud MLM ticketing system gives users with ticket management tools, and well customizable forums, knowledge base, and FAQs.

This online help desk software solution helps in managing customer requests through a web-based support ticket system. It is PHP-based and can collect tickets through email or a web form. It also provides a ticket manager with many features. A perfect, user-friendly, and install helpdesk solution for any website and it can be tailored in many ways and can be easily skinned to the look and feel of your website.

This supporting module affords an essential ticketing system and a helpdesk that is native to Drupal, offering complete email integration.

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