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E-Wallet module for MLM software

The E-wallet module is the storage of income as virtual money. Using this virtual money in an e-wallet, users can get e-vouchers from the admin by requesting for the voucher.

After the admin successfully grants e-voucher, users can purchase products from the system using these voucher codes provided by the admin.This virtual money system allows MLM business to attract customers offering highly secure and flexible transactions over the business platform.

Cloud MLM's E-wallet module is a Virtual Bank account for your MLM Business. For each Payout, we provide its MLM users to be in complete control of your money. Use Our e-wallet system to immediately transfer money to anyone anywhere in the world.

Cloud MLM 's E-Wallet module includes

  • E-Pin Generation
  • E-Pin Transfer
  • Refund of Generation E-Pin s
  • E-Pin Transfer History
  • Wallet Statement
  • Fund transfer to other IDs
  • Add/remove Fund To wallet
  • CR/DR & All Transaction as per need.

Features of Cloud MLM's E-wallet system module

  • The E-wallets system helps you to
  • Integrate your bank account
  • Integrate pre-paid card to your e-wallet
  • Integrate your credit card
  • Transfer money from home, work, or everywhere in the globe.

Importance of Cloud MLM's E-wallet system module

  • To handle the economic transaction of all customers, Cloud MLM software is integrated with the e-Wallet system which is a virtual wallet for customers
  • The amount in the E-wallet is used for purchasing the E-pins
  • The amount in the E-wallet is used for buying or ordering the products
  • The amount in the E-wallet is used for the new registrations
  • The Amount deducted in the purpose of delivering from the profits can readily be moved to the E-wallet
  • The money can easily be moved to any other customers E-wallet

The E-wallet system for the MLM company is very essential to manage as well as to perform all the cash in and cash out the financial details of the customers. The Cloud MLM's e-wallet system supports the MLM companies to transfer money directly to the associates and the customers into their e-wallets. Also, it allows the clients to send money in various accounts across the world.

cloud mlm plan
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