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E-Voucher For MLM Software

An MLM Software module is a package for extending functionality of MLM Software. There are many Packages of MLM software you can combine and use with your MLM Software. Cloud MLM makes it easy to extend modules with MLM software.

E-Voucher module allows users to do transactions more easily and securely. There are other payment methods though, E-Voucher can play an important role in your MLM business. It will make your business modal more simple to your users. E-Voucher codes can be generated instantly using E-Voucher module dashboard by admin user. There is no limits in vouchers count the admin can create and provide users, as far as there is money left in e wallet of the user, e voucher for same money can be generated.

Features of Cloud MLM's E-voucher system

  • Easy to use Interfaces
  • Users can purchase products with these e-voucher codes.
  • Any amount of E-voucher types can be done
  • If there is no voucher left and there is balance in E-wallet, users can request E-Voucher from admin in a button click.
  • E-vouchers will be created on highly secure basis, and each e-voucher will be unique. unable to guess or brute force, E-vouchers will be highly secure.
  • E-voucher can be managed by admin easily from backend. can customize commission rates , discounts and other elements in e-vouchers.
  • E-voucher reports can be viewed or printed by admin, users can view their e-voucher history and usage reports.
  • E-voucher encoding and voucher tracking powers decrease risk of cheating and loss of vouchers.
  • Allow MLM marketing and management of vouchers through Franchise / Member Ordering Concept.
  • Block/ Unblock Voucher Facility
  • Exporting to Excel / Word
  • Complete tracking of the voucher.
  • Desktop application for voucher printing
  • E-voucher can be sent through Email / Fax/ SMS
  • Various MIS Reports
  • Auto Backup
cloud mlm plan

Importance of Cloud MLM's E voucher module

  • By the use of E vouchers, transactions and payments can be made secure

    are various methods in which enrollment and product payments can be made. But all are not secure and does not afford any protection for the transaction and the payment made. But With the help of technology, transactions and payments can be made secure and by the use of E-vouchers. E-vouchers are also known as Prepaid Vouchers, Prepaid Coupons and Scratch Cards. Today, one of the best and the secure method of taking enrollment/product payment can be done by using E voucher.

  • Collects payments easily from members across the world

    For MLM Companies it becomes difficult to collect payments from clients from across the globe. In order to collect the payments from clients across the world, most of the MLM companies in the market have readily accepted this method-the use of E-vouchers.

  • It offers greater flexibility to clients & companies for doing transactions on the web at a very low cost.

    E-voucher system is secured way of taking membership/ sponsorship/ product payment. The Well known and large MLM network Companies has adopted E-voucher method for collecting payment from clients. There are many more modules in Cloud MLM Software that can helps you to boost your business!

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