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What is an Auto-responder?

Auto-responder is a software program that is used to send emails automatically based on schedules or options defined by admin user. An admin user can set time, subject and advanced options in admin panel, and promote your business via automated emails. It is also defined as email marketing tool, that said, the system can automatically send custom messages, or dynamic messages in an interval.

An MLM software with auto responder might be a good choice for you, if you are planning to send emails from your system. In Cloud MLM Software, you can make use of the auto-responder module in its full possibilities. We have also optimized the system for better speed and accuracy. this module can easily be managed from admin side.

Features of Cloud MLM's Auto-Responder module


  • This robust system make it easy for you to improve, lead, and profit from your own email marketing lists.
  •  Using Email Marketing Auto-Responders from Cloud MLM, everybody like businesses, organizations, clubs,  business persons, and home based business professionals can easily keep in touch to their clients, promises, and members from any computer everywhere in the globe.
  • You can add participants in the auto responder system, and remove whenever needed.
  • Its automated cron system runs 24 X 7 and it uses only bits of memory to work in background.
  • At one time you receive your Auto-Responder set up, it runs on auto-pilot. 

Auto responder is a 'MUST' in MLM business, because there may be thousands of users in a system, and sending emails individually will not be possible. Here Cloud MLM software makes it easy for you to integrate an auto responder with MLM software.

What are the components of an Auto-Responder?

Cloud MLM software solutions  have an excellent auto responder system that can be integrated with MLM Software, you can use it as an add-on for MLM Software.Following are the components of an auto responder module ;

  • Capture name :

Taking names and email addresses  and even phone numbers.

  • Send broadcast Emails :

When you want to send an email on a specific date, you don't have to sit and send on that day, instead add to the list the mail to be sent. This is very significant when you start a new product or take the sales of others product.

  • Send scheduled Emails : 

Send emails in a scheduled way .for example :When you decided to send 5 emails, instead of sending it each day, you can set an keep all the 5 emails in advance and give instruction in such a form as to send the emails in an interval of 1 day to the people in the list and further you can extend it to one year period. 

  • Link to blogs

Get better results using blogs

  • Link to social media:

Get better titles and headings and you may get more persons

Types of MLM Auto responder system

A good auto responder that helps you to use the leads you've obtained, being able to import your leads, and knowing they are being mailed.  There are 3 basic types of systems on the market.  You want to decide which one is best and right for you. 

  • Bulk Emailers -

In this, you transfer messages once to the list you have imported. You can transfer different times to the same list,  incase that is the same message, or you transfer various message each time.

  • "Open Loop" Auto responders -

 Today, the open loop auto responders are rare.  Many ISP's have been filtering out emails from Open Loops AR's. The only way to truly do an open loop today is to host it yourself, which can be quite expensive and is for the technically advanced (not very duplicatable).

  • "Closed Loop" Autoresponders -

These require you to generate your own leads through a lead capture page. Closed Loop AR's have the highest deliverability rate, but you cannot import leads you bought into their system. They allow you to set up a series of messages to be delivered to prospects over time as well.

Each of these systems have their place. For most network marketers in 2014, the Bulk Emailer is their first choice. For more advanced network marketers who use email marketing, they use a combination of Bulk Emailing with a Closed Loop system.

There are a few keys to being successful with AutoResponders. They are: 

Make sure you have your own web site. 
The mlm companies have their own replicated web sites and they're fine once you have a truly "hot" prospect on the line. But when it comes to prospecting and building your lists, you want your own web site for a number of reasons. 

Having your own web site allows you to build your own credibility. 

Having your own web site allows you to build personal rapport with prospects. 

Having your own web site helps you stand out in the search engine results. 

Having your own web site helps you stand out over your competition. 

Your web site can be a simple one page site that gives an overview of who you are, your business, your lifestyle, etc... 

Your web site should invite visitors to request free information from you. This brings us to the next key: 

Add a subscription form to your web site. 

The subscription form should ask for a name and email address. This form is the key to turning web site visitors in to prospects. 

Your AutoResponder messages are where you would include a link back to the replicated site offered by your mlm company. 

An added benefit of building your own targeted lists with your own web site and autoresponder is that if your mlm company should experience problems, go out of business, or become unavailable for any reason, you would be able to continue building your own credibility, switch to another company, and continue operations without having to start over from absolute zero.

So actually an auto responder is something which is used to collect information and you can send emails to these addresses which include sales messages, marketing messages, which should contain quality content which your customer should really appreciate and they should promote your product.

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