MLM Software Development

We develop MLM Software that is customized to suit the client's plans and needs. 

MLM Software development is completed as an output of a long but sustainable process.

1 - Collecting plan details & requirements

 The first step is to collect requirements and plan details from the client, via email or Skype, whichever preferable by the client. this is the key step for MLM Software development.

2 - Analyzing the plan and consulting 

 In this step, we will analyze the plan in detail. by conducting a meeting with the technical team, as well as team leaders, we will analyze the plans and give words on plans and requirements. this step is very helpful for clients because we try to get in-depth applicability of the plan according to the system and let the client know if there is an issue with the plan and help them modify it.

3 - Analyzing the requirements.

This step is intended for analyzing the extra requirements along with the MLM Software development. that said, it can be another service or service integration with Cloud MLM Software. 

4 - Collecting requirements specifications in detail.

After collecting requirements, the next step is to collect the specifications in detail, like the design, process of integration, and server requirements.

5 - Preparing the final specifications & plan document.

This is where the final outline of the project created. this will include all basic data for the MLM Software development, this will be shared with the client.

6  - Signing up the contract

Once the client is Ok about the project, both will be signing an agreement between client and developer. this step also includes the quotation, and the first payment, which is an advance of the total amount in the quotation.

7  - Splitting the work sections

After signing up for the project, the work sections will be created, like software development, CMS development, and E-Commerce development.

8  - Assigning teams to sections

For each section, a separate team will be assigned. (As the complexity, the team strength will vary, from one to many).

9  - Listing tasks & splitting to 3 levels (First phase. Second Phase, Third Phase )

This is where the time schedule developed. First, tasks will be listed, from major tasks.

10 - Splitting tasks around sections

From major tasks, each section will be assigned tasks to complete in a timeline.

11 - MLM Software Development starts along with the project requirements

Starts the project development. 

12 - Assigning support team for the project.

In our system, there will be support 24X7 available, that said, development support will be on working time and related supports will be available 24X7. We will assign support team for this project and connect them to client.

13 - Phase 1 complete (30% of the project)

Once the tasks in first phase complete, its a status of 30% work done.

14 - Phase 2 complete (80%) of the project

80% works are in done in second phase.

15 - Phase 3 complete (100%) of the project (Includes testing)

All the major tasks listed in third phase is complete, its a of 100% work done. This includes testing phase also.

16 - Project launch

The final launch of the project. 

Our MLM Software development is done by following these methods, for effective and timely completion of the MLM Software. This process of ours saves a lot of time and keeps an accurate schedule of works. which makes us the Best MLM Software development company.

Cloud MLM Software vision

Clients are our first priority. We always develop and customize the software according to their needs, which helps us to grab the title “Best MLM Software Development Company”. Within these years, we have delivered so many projects to our clients across different countries.” )

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