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Pricing of MLM Software - Free modules included!

Cloud MLM Software offers an affordable pricing along with assured support! Pay less, get the Best!

No hidden costs, No set-up fees, Pay in phases, 6 months assured FREE support!

Cloud MLM Software / Basic 750 USD
  • Responsive dashboard
  • Unlimited users
  • Voucher
  • E-Wallet
  • E-mail
  • Payout management
Multilingual system 100 USD
Software will be localized to any language with a language switcher.
Default language is ENGLISH.
Auto Responder 100 USD

Auto responder to MLM system

Email FREE

With this add-on, members in network can communicate via mail system integrated.

Multi currency system 170 USD

Integrate Multi currency module with MLM system

For each currency set up, It costs 170 USD

Replicating website 400 USD

Replicating website system - basic plan costs, 400 USD

LCP page development 250 USD

LCP page development - 250$ - price may vary according to the design

Privileged user system 600 USD

Employee system module

Payment gateway 400 USD

"Payment gateway module / 3 gateways for 400$ Per 1, price may vary"

Opencart integration Starting from 1000 USD

Opencart website development and integration - starting from 1000$, price may vary according to the opencart system

WordPress CMS website 600 USD

Wordpress website/Blog design & development, plus integration with MLM software - 600$ - price may vary according to the wordpress development

Drupal CMS website 700 USD

Drupal CMS website development / integration with MLM system - 700$ - price may vary according to the drupal website

Magento integration 1000 USD
magento website development / integration with MLM system - 1000$ - price may vary according to the magento system
Support / Ticket system module 600 USD

Support / Ticket system development / integration with MLM system - 600$

Android App 1200 USD

Custom android native app with clean design

What do customers think of Cloud MLM Software? - Cloud MLM Software reviews

"Cloud MLM Software reviews from capterra"
  • Thank you very much for making the work simpler, faster and more efficient.

    Javier F.
    Insys communication, USA
  • Top overall quality functionality and value for Money.

    Janluc R.
    Global Marketing development
    International Trade and Development, 10,001+ employee
  • Best business decision we have ever made. Amazing team of professionals.

    Joseph Y.
  • Un excelente software

    Giovanni P.
    Ceo - Marketing and Advertising
  • I'm really in love with this software, choosing it was a great choice for our business.

    Victor P.
  • Great team of professionals. They really listen to their client's needs.

    Laura F.
    Director creativo
  • Best services software provider !! Good !!

    Luah B.
    Marketing Manager - Computer Networking
  • A group of hardcore software developers

    Frederick L.

Frequently Asked Questions about MLM Software

MLM Software FAQ

Is the pricing negotiable?

Contact us to get
Custom MLM Software based on your requirements, and yes the pricing is negotiable based on it's requirements.

Is this a self-hosted package and is there a monthly plan?

No, There is no monthly fees. Once the software is purchased, its yours to use in your own servers.

Do i need a cloud hosting to host Cloud MLM Software?

No, but we encourage to host in cloud servers, for better speed and processing.
Contact Us for info.

What are the minimum requirements to run this software?

There aren't many, but you'll need PHP >= 7.2,OpenSSL PHP Extension,PDO PHP Extension,Mbstring PHP Extension,Tokenizer PHP Extension,XML PHP Extension to run this software. If you are using cloud/shared/vps or dedicated hosting, we will help you to get it work.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

You may, or maynot. but we encourage to use SSL certificate to make your payment processes safe.


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