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Ticket system module for MLM Software

For the Support team, the issue resolving process is tough, because assigning each issue to each person is normally tedious. but using the Cloud Ticket System, the support process is very simple.

Cloud Ticket System is an MLM Software module that can be integrated with Cloud MLM Software, So users can get timely responses and support. This module provides options to create issue tickets for cloud MLM users, an admin will be notified about this issue and he can assign this particular issue to the department.

cloud mlm plan

Features of ticket system module

  • Separate Admin, User, and Employee sections
  • Admin and user chatting system
  • Auto assignment system
  • Progress notification system
  • Employee privilege settings
  • Issue tracking system
  • Mailing system

Both user and admin can see the progress of the issue and the user can create a ticket based on the error state. So the admin can work on every critical issue first. From the ticket creation stage, the user can add attachments, that is some screenshots of the issues. from the admin control panel, admin can see the tickets and his team can work on that. admin can change issue status when the issue is resolved. If the issue is not resolved, the user can reopen the issue and set it to OPEN.

Every action on the issue progress will be notified to the admin. This module also provides a chat option for users and admin so they can chat based on the ticket. With this awesome module, Admin can create employees, and also he can set permission for each employee. An auto-assignment is a feature of the Cloud Ticket System, Here the admin can set the auto-assignment to each employee then particular tickets based on the type will automatically assign to the employee, then he can work on that. Separate Employee login is available in Cloud Ticket System.

cloud mlm plan
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