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Backup Manager

We know today our world is completely digitized so all our daily activities are through online now,So all things that we do online are stored as datas. Inorder to store these datas we need a strong backup manager.

What is Backup manager system?

Backup manager is must capable of saving the data in encoded mode and giving security to the user’s data. The important data needs more security than ordinary data.That means the backup plan, which supports you to handle all kinds of emergencies and decode important datas without interference.

cloud mlm plan
cloud mlm plan

Features of Backup Manager System

  • One of the best features of a backup manager is it stores the data in remote locations.
  • This helps to prevent the data loss from any incidents like computer viruses, fire, flooding, lightning, accidental deletion, and hard drive failure etc.
  • If you edit or delete any data doesn’t matter, the Backup manager always stores the latest copy of your data.

Purpose of Backup Manager

    The backup manger has mainly two purpose ,

  • First purpose is to recover the data after it's loss, be it by data deletion or corruption.
  • And second purpose is to recover the data from it's early stages inorder to compare with last saved data results
cloud mlm plan

Working of Cloud MLM'S Backup manager system

Cloud mlm software provides the best backup manager system to our clients. Our backup system stores data in the server itself and this data is stored for a period of time and after that it is removed as per customer’s purpose.

Cloud MLM’s backup system contains at least one copy of all data worth saving. Our backup manager backups the data every hour in a day and stores it securely. So our clients can easily decode the hourly datas & highly confidential datas from our system.


  • Cron set at preference period of time
  • Encrypting files to be backed up.
  • Encrypting files and databases with our highly secure methods.
cloud mlm plan
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