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Theme options could be a system admin page which provide some WordPress themes. It enables members to modify theme settings without changing theme files or touching any code. These theme option pages can be very easy with a couple of options or it can have a lot of customization options split into either tabs or multiple pages.

Theme options are great for most clients, but they turn to make difficult things on the progress side of things. So that many developers choose to work with theme structures that have easy theme options panel just like the Genesis Framework.

Cloud MLM software comes with a skin system, have multiple skins, update periodically. All our themes come with a framework page that enables you to set up its appearances, style, and overall choices. The theme options are situated under  in your admin menu, Appearance > Theme Options and can be used to customize your theme without having to resort to coding.

Uses of theme options in Cloud MLM software

Some uses of Cloud MLM's theme options are given below

  • To use themes to facilitate the method of developing experienced designer-looking appearances.
  • The theme colors, fonts, and effects are work in PowerPoint and also available in Excel, Word, and Outlook so  your appearances, documents, worksheets, and e-mails can have a integrated look.
  • A theme manages the generic look and feel of your site with things like page design, device locations, and default font and color options. 
  • Cloud MLM software has a comprehensive themes for you to opt from in the Theme Showcase where every theme has an about page that involves features and instructions.
  • The new themes are always being added, so click on the trending view  to see what’s new and most famous. You can modify your theme as often as you like.


Changing themes

When you modify a theme, Your posts, pages, media, blog roll and almost all contents comes with you.  

There are a few things you’ll want to check, when you change to a new theme.

  • Custom Menus

  Depending on the theme, each theme supports different locations.You’ll want to move your Custom Menus to the locations you want them in the new theme.

  • Widgets

 Like Custom Menus, depending on the theme, each theme supports different locations and you’ll want to place your Widgets in the proper Widget locations.

  • Custom CSS

The  Custom CSS  is theme-specific. You will find your past CSS in the CSS review link placed at My Sites → Customize → CSS.


Editing Themes

Cloud MLM software solutions does not provide the choice to change theme files quickly, yet, you may make modifications to a theme by adding CSS if you purchase the Cloud MLM software Premium or Cloud MLM software Business plans. Both involves the Custom Design feature. Custom Design also comes with custom fonts and colors which let you modify the  complete color palettes and font selections for themes with a few clicks, no coding needed.

Though, you do need to have some CSS knowledge to make changes using the CSS Editor. The Cloud MLM's  support team can help you get started in the CSS Customization forum. We also offer links to tutorials, tips, and books on our Custom CSS page.

Implementing a new theme modifies the important details of your document. In power point, word art effects are used to titles  and also even the layouts and backgrounds of your slides can be changed dramatically from theme to theme. The other objects like tables, charts, smart art graphics, shapes are updated to complement one another.  If you like the way that a theme looks when you apply it to your presentation, you are finished reformatting with just that one click. If you want to personalize your performance further, you can modify the theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects.

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