Self hosted MLM Software system

Self-hosting is the process by which a user can install and maintain their software in a common web hosting service like VPS etc. The main advantage of self-hosting software is that  at a potentially lower monthly cost the user has full control over their data no other third parties are involved in it. So this reason the user is fully responsible on maintaining the software if any errors are occur on the software user should rectify it because in the self-hosting software there is no role for service providers and it is one of the disadvantage.

Features of self-hosted MLM Software System

Easy Customizations

The self-hosted mlm software system offers more customization features to the software it helps to add more modules to the user dashboard and able to integrate with existing modules. The ordinary hosting system also provides customization features but it has a limit but the self-hosting system has no limits for customizations.

Add your Own Data Security Measures

The self-hostedmlm software system provides high data security compared to ordinary hosting systems. In ordinary hosting systems they provide security to a particular level and we can’t add further security measures on it but in self-hosted system we can add extra security modules if required in order to prevent hacking. And in a Self-hosted system, the admin can able to control and limit their user’s access to specified areas of the dashboard.

 Lower purchase cost

At the time of software purchase, Self-hosting software provides potentially lower monthly cost and the user has full control over their data no other third parties are involved in it. And the user can pay monthly charges if they want the software up-gradation.

System Integration

The self-hosted mlm software system enables you to add new modules to the dashboard and help to integrate it with existing modules in overall we can say that the self-hosted system provides full system integration.  

Data storage Access

In the self-hosted system, the admin has full access to the storage section. The admin can decide how much data to be stored and where can it to be stored.  

Cloud MLM Software can be installed on your own hosting, we also provide hosting support for our MLM Software users. We will help to install and maintain the server and related services. Also, the MLM Software purchase comes with 1-year free technical support so that you don't have to worry about the technical side of your business. our experts will be in your hands. 




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