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The Cloud MLM Payment gateway provides the desired and basic components between the online seller, its customer

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The customer’s online payment tool provider (credit/debit card or any other online payment mode as preferred by the customer for making online payment), and the bank account of the online merchant. It helps the online payment made by the customer, collects the funds from customer’s bank or other systems (Digital wallets/Cash Card, etc.) and then transfers those funds to the bank account of the merchant

The company offers the best in services for the customer through integrating various features. These advanced features helps regular users to store their necessary information such as card details, shipping address, etc with the online payment system on the merchant website. The customer easily has to check-out after having chosen their products and the payment system selects the stored information for the transaction.


  • The Cloud MLM company follows the accurate and most demanding security protocols when it comes to data security.
  • The online payment system by Cloud MLM allows for sending and receiving of important user information using the safest and most secure way for internet communication.
  • Besides this, there are other safety features that support the merchant from fake activities on their websites.
  • The highly-progressive scam detection and prevention tools help in understanding the scam patterns and preventing losses by halting the specific payment process.

Importance of using payment gateways

  • The payment services helps the merchant take payment from credit and debit cards belonging to large international banks and global card-issuing companies.
  • This service grants merchants to take payments from multiple international currencies.
  • Our company offers bespoke online payment gateway services for any type of online business associated with any industrial area.
  • The company develops their payment systems to suit the particular needs and enhance the present payment system effectively.
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Types of payment gateways

  • Hosted Payment Gateways

    This type of Payment Gateways are those that manage your customer ahead your e commerce website. The user is diverted to the real gateway page by clicking the gateway link while making payments. The advantage of using these gateways is that you do not require a Merchant ID since no private details are required from your website.The examples;of Hosted payment gateways are PayPal, WorldPay and Nochex.

  • Shared Payment Gateway

    Although making the payments, the user is guided to the payment page and not out of your website. The payment page is controlled securely by the payment gateway. After all details about credit card and other needed fields are finished, the customer fully gets back to the main website

Payment gateways for MLM Software by country or region

In short, Cloud MLM’s world-class MLM Software Solution allows you to accept payments on a 24 X 7 basis from around the world. We provide powerful transaction processes with desired up time and service and take all local and international Visa, MasterCard and maestro cards. The Cloud MLM Software very secure to use with payment gateways. Register your MLM leads and collect fees from people by using payment gateway system, also it can be used to release payouts from this MLM system.

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