Flexible to integrate with various platforms

One of the main features of the Cloud MLM software is its flexible integration with other platforms.

Through our software, you can integrate with various platforms without headaches, we provide extra API’s that you can make use of.

Cloud MLM's open-source technology is extremely flexible and provides flexible online transactions through the integration of MLM software. Our MLM software is accessible on any platform such as Windows, Linux, or Mac which supports a web browser and internet connection. Our software has the flexibility to be integrated with social network systems such as Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. Which will enhance the marketing of your company.

Self-hosting is the process by which a user can install and maintain their software in a common web hosting service like VPS etc.

  • SMS integration

    Cloud MLM Software is integrated with SMS which is controlled by the authority. It is one of the very helpful services by Cloud MLM software to notify all customers in a short period of time. Also no risk of customers to forget their ids and passwords.

  • E-commerce integration

    Being a perfectly working MLM it is very essential to have an online shopping facility. So our MLM is an integrated e-commerce software, to make your business all-round success.

  • Social networking systems

    Today, social networking systems are a basic part of our life and every person involves in it. Thus our MLM software application can be successfully integrated with social networking systems like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Blogger, etc which will enhance the marketing of your company.

  • Prepaid voucher system

    Cloud MLM Software is integrated with a Pre-paid voucher system which is controlled by Administration. It is very helpful to make your business secured. This system allows easy payment acceptance through our E-Pin system in the MLM domain.

  • Smart card technology

    Cloud MLM software is integrated with smart card technology which can be used in Electronic Cash, Customer Loyalty Programs, Library, Health Club, Utility & Identity Card, and of many similar types of applications.

  • Inventory management system

    Stock keeping is one of the challenges every MLM company face. So Cloud MLM software has developed and integrated a user-friendly Inventory Management System. This system helps you to solve stock-keeping problems.

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