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No duplicating navigation, no confusing links, Cloud MLM provides a great navigation experience to users.

Cloud MLM Software is different than other existing MLM software around the web because of its easiness and simplicity wrapped in secure and scalable framework.


  • Be it  a user or admin, Cloud MLM Software has arranged in a way that it can be navigated easily using visible links and tabs that will disturb no one.
  • When it comes to main navigation system that you can find in Cloud MLM Software, its very organized and very easy to understand and navigate through the pages.
  • The first and top navigation always points to the home area that we call dashboard, where you can see an overall performance of the system.
  • analysis on your network, and totals of amount you own and so on.
  • These area can be customized as you need it to be.with graphs and tables, you will get a easy understanding how's it going on your network.
  • There are links to important functionalities of the software that will help to navigate the system for easy transactions and overviews.
  • We have arranged these important links all on aside of the software main panel, so it will be always visible and scroll-able if the items overflows.
  • There are other navigation links put on top right of the software panel, with links to profile and button to log out of the system.
  • Inside every pages, sections are defined to get perfect view of different analysis and reports, with headers and help texts, everything is readable and understandable. 

Also, there are quick links we can set up inside your software, that can be dynamically added, deleted or updated. MLM Software with this type of simple navigation is a plus for your MLM business. 
This will help your users to stay focused and feel easy while logged in to the system.

Featured Dashboard + Modules Included. Fast execution. Unparalleled Support!

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