SMS integration (International/National)

Today you can have to experience your business development with the ability to send SMS naturally from inside your ongoing applications and experience a consistent change when integrating mobile messaging into your existing  eCommerce platforms, CRMs,and ERPs. Integrating an SMS API into your business helps your software to perform all the difficult improvements.

The SMS integration can be done with Cloud MLM software. We integrate it in National or international SMS. Our area of powerful, extensible and safe SMS API’s have been created internal to provide a good and high-performing solution for your business messaging requirements. 

Our years of experience and better integration has helped us to become an important name in messaging world. Our comprehensive research and modernization compelled team has always conveyed something new out of the box and profound tools to help all your SMS marketing requirements.


Features of Cloud MLM's SMS integration

  • Multiple Interface to performs the extensive requirements
  • Diversified interface and communication mediums are designed and  developed for continuous access of our messaging program.
  • Feature-rich and easy to use web interface with an opportunity to send SMS in bulk
  • Our Android App helps sending bulk sms to mobile phone local contact list using SMS Lane account
  • Cloud MLM software is Integrate HTTP Gateway  in your app and the good, fast, safe  HTTP developer API to help integration in a third-party app
  • Our Spread Sheet Plugin is developed for Google spreadsheet users, to drive SMS directly on cloud
  • We provide powerful, good, and feature-rich desktop SMS application for continuous user experience
  • Our shortcode lead generation plugin supports you integrate two way SMS in your app

SMS API Integration

One of the basic advantages of collaborating with Cloud MLM Software is our robust and responsive integration options, enabling your business to integrate mobile messaging continuously into its daily operations. With the power of SMS, you can communicate directly and profitably with members and clients over the globe. API’s provide our clients the ability to integrate SMS into all aspects of their business applications, websites, intranets, CRM’s, ERP’s and other allied software – giving an actual-time messaging ability in existing allied applications.

How Our SMS API Gateway Work

API integration is an easy way used by millions of management daily, on an international level. It is created to improve upgrade business effectiveness and communication system.

The Cloud MLM Software creates sending bulk SMS simply, by allowing you to link your internal software or CRM directly into the Cloud MLM SMS gateway using one of our off-the-shelf APIs. Linking through an API enables you to send SMS messages as you would within our MTX system, but from the ease from your own software. The Cloud MLM SMS accounts involve a dynamic API Key system, letting you to fast and simply develop and edit new user references to send through our collection of APIs. 

Why Choose Cloud MLM software

The Cloud MLM software depends on the support of business knowledge and experience, consists of a team of mobile messaging experts. Our aim is to support enhance client meetings, initiative development, and perfect position to your business in the market by making communication for your business more useful via mobile messaging. Through collaborating with Cloud MLM Software, you will be qualified for a number of benefits.

The Cloud MLM's responsive collection of SMS APIs gives comprehensive business advantages, enabling you to update your communication methods and automate client communications by adding text messaging to your daily progress. Our team of mobile messaging experts has years of experience integrating complicated messaging needs into existing allied environments. Our development team will discuss with you to perceive your requirements and yield a solution, through the secure web interface, to your existing systems.

Cloud MLM Software vision

Clients are our first priority. We always develop and customize the software according to their needs, which helps us to grab the title “Best MLM Software Development Company”. Within these years, we have delivered so many projects to our clients across different countries.” )

Why wait! You can start right away, while we develop the system for you, be busy on spreading the happy news of your Awesome upcoming MLM with the world!!

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