Secure authentication system

In this modern world, Security and secure authentication systems are highly important. The secure authentication system is one which facilitates effective tracking and authentication of customer admission.

The Cloud MLM software solutions is an open network company. There are no network firewalls, or network filter limits, and computers linked to Cloud MLM software solutions are given network addresses that are usable by the public Internet. This type of network supports the accuracy of, and convenience too, joint network resources and provides the various requirements of the community.

In this type of computing environment, an endangered computer is particularly accessible to online attacks, spam, or junk mail, and other threats that can understand a user's identity or undermine the security of a computer's hardware and data. We use a secure authentication system with cloud MLM software. Captcha system can be added, two-step verifications can be added to the MLM software login system. Before connecting to Cloud MLM, do a quick check on your computer and understand the tips listed on this site and the steps afforded in the Knowledge Base to decrease the possibility of becoming the victim of an online attack.

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Some Methods of Secure Authentication System

To securely use online resources at Cloud MLM, the secure authentication methods are afforded to support save your personality as well as verify the communication between two computers.

  • Kerberos: Your Kerberos personality, rooted with a username and password, approves that who are you and you say you are too many of the IT systems on campus.
  • Cloud Web Certificates: Cloud MLM software provides many services and applications over the web. Those needing verification derives from secure servers that restrict entry to authorized customers and save the communication of perceptive data by encryption. Like, many of Cloud MLM's secure web servers influences documentation for user authentication. These documentations are sent into your web browser.
  • Cloud Touchstone: It gives a single call up solution for Cloud MLM web applications demanding authentication. Once customers are authenticated using the central authentication service, they will not required to authenticate again during the browser session. The service helps different ways for customers to authenticate and influences the existing Kerberos framework.
  • Duo Two-Factor Authentication: We offer entry to Duo, a two-factor authentication application that influences landlines and smartphones as an "accept" or "decline" system to identify customers.

In our secure authentication system, we wish to provide dual authentication of the customer through both RFID as well as fingerprint authentication. The access control mechanism is afforded with a magnetic door lock. Wireless communication is set up through the use ZigBee and Wi-Fi modules in association with a Raspberry Pi computer. Lastly for the use of tracking the system, a camera will be used to taking images of the customer as and when the system is accessed.

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