MLM Software with multi currency system

Multi-currency system helps users to see rates in their currency. And make transaction in their preferred currency.

MLM can grow international, there are many currency types used all over the world. And it’s the days of online marketing, you will have to utilize each and every lead that coming to your website or lead capture pages, and using multicurrency system helps people to get a better understand of rates without navigating away from the software. Calculations are made based different APIs.

This module is not available in starter package, but you can buy it as an extra module and integrate within the software for very low cost.

Payouts and pay-ins can be shown in different currencies based on user interest. The commissions will be calculated based on this.

Currency switcher can be placed on top the software so users can see it at first sight, and if interested they can use it to convert the currency system to their preferred one in MLM software.

While there are many online tools and utilities that make external APIs and provide with other currency calculations, the embedded multi currency system will work for all type of users.

In cloud MLM software, we are very keen about transactions and commissions flow, and we make sure to work these as expected before delivering the product to our clients.


With MLM software, it really needs a system for currency conversion, especially if targeting outside the country. With this feature, users will be more attached to use the software and it eliminates the risk for converting currency from external websites every time.

You can request more info about multilingual MLM software here.