In-built E-Wallet

E-wallet is an online prepaid account, from here one can stock money, to be used when required. As it is a pre-loaded facility, consumers can buy a lot of products from airline tickets to the grocery without swiping a debit or credit card. With this E-commerce dealing done easily. The user gets a commission from Cloud MLM and it deposited to e-wallets. Then the user can use this e-money. Users can purchase vouchers by e-money. 

Features of e-Wallet

  •  Amount gained/achieved by the payout can be moved to e-Wallet. 
  •  Amount withdraws for repurchase or repurchase income from the payouts can be transferred to the e-Wallet of as a customer.
  •  E-pin can be generated by the customer or purchased online through the available funds in e-Wallet.
  •  Fund / Amount available in e-Wallet can be used for re-purchasing.
  •  A customer can see /check of the total summary report of the total transaction.

Uses of e-wallet in MLM  software

 Like all other e-commerce platforms, MLM software also features with e-wallet,  e-money &e pin. When a financial transaction is performed using the e-money, all processes will be completed within a matter of time. Along with the versatile features, our MLM  software also ensures secured e-money transactions. For an MLM  company, an e-wallet system is essential to manage and operate all cash in, cash out financial information of the user.


Advantages of using e-wallet in  MLM  business are ;

  • The amount in the e-wallet can be used for purchasing e pins 
  • Through this, can transfer money to another e-wallet from one user to another 
  • The amount in the e-wallet can be used for new registrations 
  • The amount deducted in repurchase from payouts can be transferred to e-wallet.
  • The amount in e-wallet can be used for ordering or purchasing products

 In total, e-wallet ensures a smooth and safe MLM  business with no risks. Make sure that you choose the best MLM  software with an efficient e-wallet system for your MLM  company. Our MLM  software provides an e-wallet system with numerous features that can ease your MLM  business.

Register a new user by paying the registration amount by e-money. And can upgrade user account by this. 



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