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E-voucher is one of the secured ways and simple methods for online product payment /taking membership. Most of the MLM Companies have adopted this method for collecting payments from members across the country.

The adoption of e-voucher generators by MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies marks a significant evolution in how these businesses manage transactions and payments. This technology plays a crucial role in streamlining the process of collecting payments from members nationwide, offering both efficiency and security benefits.

E-vouchers serve as digital tokens that can be used by members to make purchases or sign up for services within the MLM network. They simplify the payment process by allowing instant transactions without the need for physical exchange of money or the delays associated with traditional banking methods. This is particularly beneficial in MLM models, where the network's expansive and geographically dispersed nature can complicate financial transactions.

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  • Fully life cycle Management of every E-voucher.
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Encoding and voucher tracking facilities reduce the risk of stealing and loss of vouchers.
  • Allows the distribution and management of vouchers through the Franchise / Member Ordering Concept.
  • Fully tracking of the voucher.
  • Blocking Voucher ability.
  • Shipping to Excel / Word.
  • Different MIS Reports.
  • E-voucher can be sent through Email / Fax.
  • Auto Backup


  • Highly secured transaction.
  • Reporting system.

Services included in E-voucher

The following services are included in the e-voucher

  • Requests online
  • E-voucher assignments
  • Availability of e-voucher to its members online

How can E-Vouchers be used in Cloud MLM?

The E-Voucher system can be used by merchants in any scheme which requires their customers to store value to their account, effectively allowing cash in the form of a purchased voucher to be stored to that account. It can be used for loading prepaid cards, transferring money to an e-wallet, storing a gaming account online, or any other account type that is integrated with the Cloud payments platform.

The MLM software that high securely develops a code that is used for online payments like registration and product purchases etc. The code is called e-voucher. As it is one of the prime payment modes, E-Voucher software has been designed to secure the transactions. It offers greater flexibility to members & companies for doing transactions on the web at low risk.

Cloud MLM Software has an e-generation tool that can be generated instantly by admin. We have password protected E-voucher section. Users can buy an additional voucher if he has sufficient balance in his Online Accounts. Also, he can easily transfer existing e-vouchers to other members or down line. Also, these vouchers can be used in shopping carts for new purchases.

Keeping this in mind, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that we have started transacting our money in this way. Through payment voucher generator, we can recharge mobile phones, book tickets, pay bills, buy lotteries, and purchase in retail stores with e-money. Easily select a service, punch in your information, and get your vouchers.

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