Advanced reporting system

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Advanced Reporting system gives the facts you require at your fingertips. Choose the right report fast with templates packaged for production, large scale, builder, and distribution.

Cloud MLM's Advanced reporting system with filtering options shows you a complete report of total Summary, top Billing Country recent Orders, State, coupons, top Product Sellers,  top Payment Gateway, Shipping, Order Status, and Tax. The policy reports can be developed on demand.

The  Cloud MLM software have combined template reports auto-filled with your company data to offer you all that a fresh  manual entry. It also decreases the possibility of mistakes that manual input can cause.

Through our advanced reporting system, you can specified your own reporting requirements, run off today’s business or business over certain periods. Customizable parameters include numbers of completions or offers, processed by region, broke or group etc.


 Features of advanced reporting system

  • Some features of Cloud MLM's advanced reporting systems are given below
  • Presents total summary, orders settled today and the total income.
  • Presents leading products and leading types.
  • Presents the list of preeminent clients.
  • Using our most powerful reporting tool, you can find the reporting answers   with our powerful help portal. 
  • Quickly find the right report

. Reporting Services : 

Generate several different types of reports which are useful in MLM Software, allowing you to oversee the progress of your entire organization. All reports are in real-time, and include the followings :

Payout Reports.
Joining Reports.
Income wise Statement Details.
Pin Details Report.
Single Statement Report.
Fund Reports.
Package Reports.
User Address Reports.
Dynamic Reports.



Types of reporting system

There are mainly five types of reporting systems. They are,

  • Pipeline reports  

This types of reporting system can add  various reports like financial, pipeline, profit/loss.


  • Management Reports

 This types of reporting system include daily, weekly, monthly, annual and date range reports that displays you your prospects, live clients, achievements, not proceeding, canceled and expired business. You can also see how much business individual staff or departments are processing. 


  • Dashboard Reports  

The Cloud MLM software can create dashboards which form reports and a search tool. They can develop reports for various departments that show new business, marketing activity, and even items such as  agreement check lists.The dashboards can be used to report on basically anything that shows a process. This can be displayed in both itemized, summary and graphical formats.


  • Multiple Outputs  

Through this system, you can view the output using a multitude of methods like screen preview mode, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML and SYLK.


  • Fast Report Engine  

 It can manage all your reporting requirements.Through our advanced reporting system, reports can be developed in minutes that normally took hours or even days.

Uses of advanced reporting system

Some uses of Cloud MLM's advanced reporting systems are,

Our Proprietary software offers a strong and friendly reporting interface.

Our advanced reporting adds a demanding aspect to our acute VAT solutions; the skill to view the whole automation process with the click of a button.

Our reporting system gives all the tools needed to obtain a mix of real time and factual reporting.



Cloud MLM advanced reporting system provides real time approach to reports and information. It is linked to our internal database and is updated every hour. This means that as soon as a relationship manager or an account manager team updates a client file on the database – this is reflected online almost immediately.The Reporting capabilities offered by the Cloud MLM software solution exceed the basic indicators, giving you with all the business data you required for well informed, always up-to-date decisions. 


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