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Nowadays, Network marketing is a type of popular modern business program for people who looking for part-time and flexible businesses. It is also called multilevel marketing, pyramid selling, and referral marketing. In this system the company products selling through a non-salaried workforce and earn money. Amway, Avon, Tupperware are some American MLM companies.

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What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing business is a pyramid structured network of the sales force who sell the company products and earn their income on a commission basis. The salespeople get money by making a sale of goods or services and when their recruits make a sale.

Features of Network Marketing Business

  • Through MLM business, market and sell the goods and services of the company directly.
  • The members of this business program are considered as the independent business owners and they can promote their own business.
  • The system of hierarchy.
  • The selling philosophy of marketing.
  • There are no fixed salaries in it.
  • It only needs mouth-to-mouth advertising.
  • In the MLM business, every member is liable only to himself. When he sells more, gets more earnings.
  • To get discounts and other attractive offers to the participants also
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Examples of Network Marketing Companies

  • Amway
  • Tupperware
  • Juice plus
  • No skin

Structure of Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing

In a Network marketing system firstly comes the manufacturer or developer of the company. They needed some distributors, sub-distributors, and dealers to create a network marketing system.After making the system, the distributors and dealers buy the products and services at a wholesale rate from manufactures. Then the products may sell to other distributors for some profit. It continues until reach the products to end customers. Through which the distributors get a chance to make some earnings from this marketing network. They can get a commission from manufacturers based on the total volume of products they buy and sell to customers.

MLM Plans

MLM business and MLM company need various MLM plans for understanding the services and products of its client and affiliate basis and build a network. Some important MLM plans are given below.

Uses and Benefits of Network Marketing

Generally, the MLM Company uses network marketing in business systems. It includes a large network of distributors. Through this business model, the distributors earn money.

Some benefits of network marketing are:

  • There is no limit on the size of the network marketing system. It includes many distributors and sub-distributors to improve company sales.
  • It provides a flexible, reliable, and robust distribution network and the clients engage directly
  • There is no advertising media used in it. Only the personnel interactions, mouth media advertising increases the size of business.
  • The structure and hierarchy of distributors decrease the profit margins and companies do not have any burden.
  • MLM companies do not spend much money on the purpose of storage and distribution.
  • The MLM structure provides the chance of earning unlimited profits from their dealings with the company.

Basically, network marketing is a medium of marketing that the developers used to expand their network marketing sales. The distributors and sub-distributors of a company lead to a network of distributors and they operate different levels of the distribution chain. Success in the Network marketing business is possible only with the help of MLM software it helps to manage all the network marketing activities.

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