MLM Matrix Plan

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What is Matrix MLM Plan?

MLM Compensation Plan is the back-bone of MLM Business. While there are many compensation plans which is defined by MLM companies and custom compensation plans those are outlined by MLM business organizations, Matrix plan is the most favourite compensation plan according to the internet analytics.

MLM Matrix plan has another name and it is "Forced matrix plan". Matrix plan is more attractive in the MLM industry.

                                                          Matrix Plan

A Matrix plan tree structure's graphical representation.

MLM Matrix Plan structure

The plan has usually a form of 2x2, 3x5 matrix etc.

MLM Matrix plan doesn't have a leg system or breakaways like in other MLM Plans. hence the Matrix MLM Plan is easy to be managed. 

If the Matrix MLM Plan is in 3x5 form, it means that the system can grow up to 5 levels which have 3 distributors in each level.

The width of a matrix plan is fixed, that means in matrix plan width and height are already defined. In 3X5 matrix, its width is 3 and depth is 5, the first level of user has 3 users, then 2nd level contains 9 users and 3rd level contains 27, and the fourth level contains 81 users and his final level consists of 243 users.

In 3X5 matrix, a member can get benefits up to the level of 5. If the first level width is over, that is in 3X5 matrix one user has 3 members in his first level, then the next join will be positioned any of his down line that is, from left to right.

 If one active user already filled his first level width, then he admits new user to his down line, if that user admits to silent user down line then the silent user gets the benefit. So you need to use good MLM software for the MLM business, so it will avoid MLM risks etc. and smooth flow will be the result. You can easily integrate e-commerce software, ticket systems(supporting software), any payment gateways to Matrix Cloud MLM Software.


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