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Today, there are various types of MLM business plans available in the market and the Stair Step MLM Software Plan is one of the best and oldest compensation plans still in use. It depends on the sales volume of the individual and the sales volume of the group.

cloud mlm plan
cloud mlm plan

What is MLM Stair Step plan?

The MLM Stair Step plan is for distributors who have just started in the MLM business and are dreaming of big success. As the name suggests, the plan includes different steps with a certain sales volume target. The members at each step are needed to reach the target and they get compensated upon reaching the target. The distributor of each step is promoted to a higher level as soon as he achieves his target and opens new doors of earning for him. Since the plan offers unlimited earning potential, distributors with good selling skills prefer joining it. It is also known as a stair-step breakaway plan.

Primarily, the MLM stair-step plan starts just like an MLM Uni-level Plan where there is an extensive, number of front-line positions. It has a percentage or target cut-off on each level as it goes progressively deeper. As your team size grows, there are usually group volume requirements for achieving status. When your team grows, the team will "Break Away" and you will gain a small bonus on the entire group.

How does Stair step breakaway compensation plan works?

The MLM Stair Step Plan is very easy to understand as it allows extensive frontline and if one can reach the cut-off percentage, they can move up and finally at a certain level will achieve breakaway. While entering into the plan there is an initial cost, the breakaway based on the revenue from this and the down-line teams.

The stair-step plan called as because it comes with a staircase process and breakaway process. The person who reaches the breakaway then runs the process individually. With each step, the person is alloted a low-priced amount or refund you generate on your buys from the company. When the person improves up the steps and gets marketing, your company discount rates exceeded.

When the person improves their step progression, they get positions like Distributor, Supervisor, and Manager or National Director. When the members maintain the title status or higher for 3 successive months, they get a once-off title bonus. If they fail a level, and then improved again, they will begin again and required to keep the level for 3 full successive months to get the once-off title bonus.

cloud mlm plan

Features of MLM Stair Step plan

  • It develops a traditional earning platform for those, who want to start their own business marketing.
  • It is just like a Uni-level Business Plan and there is less amount of risk.
  • It is completely balanced as this is a total percentage-based MLM business plan.
cloud mlm plan
cloud mlm plan

Advantages of the MLM Stair Step Plan

Some advantages of the MLM Stair Step Plan are,
  • To get high earnings by developing a great team and with a good compensation rate.
  • It provides good income potential for their members.
  • This plan is very easy to manage and run.

The breakaway element of this plan is helping the person to develop larger teams and gain commission from deeper generational levels. Because of the potential size of the down line, the stair-step plan has no limit on the number of recruited people into your first generation line, and also there is no limit on the number of recruits that your down-line distributors are allowed to recruit.

In this MLM plan, the distributor only responsible to pay the compensation only when a member reached his sales target. The members have to join new members into the chain to earn the sales target. Also earning their own targets, the members also have to manage the targets of other members in the down-line to them. This increases the total sales made for you, and finally making more earnings for you. This plan works better than other MLM plans and gets double benefits. That I, get more members in your business and get more sales in your business.

MLM Stair Step plan commissions

Commissions paid by MLM stair-step plan are,

Fast Start Bonus

In a specific period of time, one can attain a positive improvement to their designations, who can earn a fast start bonus.

Clear Ship Pool

By leveling up to a specific level and then attains a percentage of value the user earns a Clear-Ship pool bonus. In this stage, the user automatically gets the pool or club membership.

cloud mlm plan
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