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Hy cite enterprises,LLC

World Rank # 48
Revenue $275million
Founded 1959
Country US
Compensation structure Multi- level
Employees 1,038 employees
Head quarters Madison, Wisconsin
Primary market United states
Products Appliances; Home Decor; Kitchenware
Sales method Person to person

The company markets its own cookware brands, Royal Prestige, NutraEase, and Kitchen Charm, which is aimed at the bridal market,, along with supporting products. Hy Cite Enterprises is a family-owned, directly sellers of cookware, water filtration, juicers and other kitchen products.

Hy cite enterprises, LLC is a renowned multi-level marketing company that offers household products. The company adopts a unique approach to direct-selling by creating exceptional kitchenware and building a larger client base. Hy cite enterprises produce high-quality household products ranging from cookware, china, crystal, flatware, culter, water, and air purification products to juice extractors across all parts of the world.

Hy cite enterprises, LLC is the fastest-growing direct selling company in the world. It is a family-run business established in 1959. The company has an efficient group of network marketing distributors, through which their exclusive products have been offered to various customers. Their products offer quality and a warranty. They provide numerous wellness programs to support employee wellbeing.