MLM Party Plan

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MLM Party Plan

MLM Party Plan is considered as one of the latest MLM strategies in MLM industry. It promotes the Network Marketing business by organizing social events.  
In such parties or meeting, the MLM companies or distributors will introduce their products to the people.

What is MLM Party Plan ?

MLM Party Plan is a direct selling system adopted by marketers for selling products by conducting social events like get-together, home based party or any other functions.

This  MLM Plan is mainly followed by women. Generally, the products like kitchen utilities  and cosmetics, etc are selected for Party Plan. Today, men are also interested to join in party plan. In MLM Party plan, companies call their agents by the name consultants.

Important Aspects Of Party Plan Software

  • Set up party
    •  Register new member
    • Guest management
  • My party portal
  • Host management
  • User account
  • purchase of products
  • Request management
  • Release payout
    • E-Pin management
  • E-wallet management
    • Short message services
    • Reports


What makes a party plan ?

An MLM party plan is the combo of three things:

  1. The commission plan.
  2. The rewards and publicity to help the distributor hold parties
  3. The procedure the company use to protect the retail profit of the distributor


How it works?

In this system, the MLM party plan company connects a consultant who hosts a party. And in this party the hostess exhibit  the company products and through little presentation. With this presentation, he prompt the guests and makes the selling.

Generally, the plan is apt for women who are into direct selling business. Today men are also interested in this business.The guests are happy with buying the products and once the payment is done through credit cards or any other way the product selling is done. The hostess will get  commission for selling products successfully. So this can be called as a direct selling business.

Well, the potential guests can also earn commissions by becoming an independent consultant. The referral marketing is started .

Advantages of MLM Party Plan

Some advantages of MLM Party plan are,

  • It provide an easy way of earning for both guests and hosts
  • It is simple and easier to understand which assist to sell products directly to the customers.
  • To get products in free or in half priced amount.
  • It provide direct selling & referral marketing opportunities
  • Customers can order products by credit card, cheque, cash and much more.
  • Consumers can also be encouraged to book their own parties by themselves.
  • Guests to Host conversion
  • The experienced distributors will always make the business chance with the help of presentation or discussion.

An event starts when any guest or host are gathered.
They organized any functions or party for the sales of the product.
You can easily order your desired products while sitting at your own home.
This is one of the outstanding networks marketing business plan which allow the business service provider to recruit any host for organizing any events for selling products.
Most of the peoples are involved in this business plan for the carriers recruiting and to build it.


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