Top 100 MLM Earners in the World for 2024

Multi-level marketing has been considered one of the most popular ways to sell a product. Here is the list of top MLM earners in the world, ranked based on their monthy and annual income.


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There is no introduction needed for MLM. Multi-level marketing has been considered one of the most popular ways to sell a product.

MLM is promoting products of various kinds, including skincare, beauty, cosmetics, and nutrition, all over the world. As the products gain recognition, the network also grows. The distributors are able to earn more as the network continues to flourish.

We have analyzed the top earners in network marketing and researched how they built their castles of success and fame in MLM. This blog will guide you through the details.

Success is attained through continuous dedication and determination. All the leaders in MLM have struggled on this journey and developed the skills of leadership and communication.

Most of them are independent entrepreneurs who established themselves as leaders.

Who are the Top Earners in Network Marketing Business?

Here is the list of top MLM earners in the world, ranked based on their monthy and annual income.

Rank Top MLM Earners Company
1 Takashi Oyaizu Herbalife
2 Jose Ardon Organo Gold
3 Calvin Bacerra Jifu
4 Adam & Michelle Carey Isagenix
5 Danien Feier Unity Global
6 Ana Cantera Total Life Changes
7 Ed Bestoso Melaleuca
8 Nobuhiro Kaneko Thanks AI
9 Enrique and Graciela Varela Herbalife
10 Seville and Rachaell Ko Melaleuca
11 Ryan Higgins Truvy
12 Robert Hollis MyDailyChoice
13 Rafael Rojas Melaleuca
14 Herson Antonio La Riva Ruvolo ByDzyne
15 Jared and Heather Burnett LivePure
16 Shane & Dana Douglas ACN
17 Hayley Hobson DoTerra
18 Anthony Napolitano  iGenius
19 Christian Nuñez ByDzyne
20 Jesse and Patricia Macpherson  Seacret Direct
21 Rolf Kipp Forever Living Products
22 Jeff and Maureen Miller  Melaleuca
23 Steve Thompson Ambit Energy
24 Patrick and Allyse Sedivy  DoTerra
25 Juan Fernando Franco & Ivan Martinez BE
26 Barry Chi & Holly Chen Amway
27 Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh Amway
28 A. Benitez & Raquel Cortez Herbalife
29 Dornan Family Amway
30 Javier Garcia Herreros & Cami Moreno BE
31 Patrick Maser & Mike Maser ACN
32 Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIk Amway
33 Juan Colorado and Laura Cañaveral BE
34 Christian Daniel Lopez Corrales ByDzyne
35 John and Lori Tartol  Herbalife
36 Susan Peterson  Herbalife
37 Marijana Markovic Chogan
38 Evgeniya Novikova  APLGO
39 Leonard & Irina Weisbein Herbalife
40 John & Nadya Melton Modere
41 Tae Ho Kim  Herbalife
42 Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers 4Life
43 Alaa Kotb Jifu
44 David and Terri Miller  Optavia - Medifast
45 Nina Shashukova APLGO
46 Carrie Dickie  LifeVantage
47 Azad Mohammadamin  BizzTrade
48 Toni Vanschoyck & Jay Treloar Monat Global
49 Ahmed Emad El Din  E-entrepreneur
50 Brian McClure  Ambit Energy
51 Gianluca Gallo BizzTrade
52 Boyd and Sandy Truman DoTerra
53 Andy and Natalie Goddard Amway
54 Kim Hui  Jeunesse Global
55 Mark Lei & Peggy Yeh Amway
56 Trish and Bob Schwenkler  ASEA
57 Gabi Steiner Gabi Steiner
58 Rapatsith Sasinonpakorn  Nu Skin
59 Anas Darrassi  Validus
60 Art Napolitano ACN
61 Kami and Nathan Dempsey   It Works! Global
62 Madra Meystedt Jones  It Works! Global
63 Chavich Kim  Unicity
64  Roger and Teresa Harding  DoTerra
65  Rasa Comeban  Unicity
66  Mark Comer  Synergy International
67  Ray Montie  Ambit Energy
68  Minh and Julie Ho QuiAri
69  Lily Garcia & Isidro Luna  Vida Divina
70 Edgar Mojica  4Life
71 Debra Raybern  Young Living
72 Yun-Tae Hwang  Synergy International
73 Gregg and Carol Johnson Young Living
74 Giselle Sexsmith Nu Skin
75 Marco & Milagro Dubon Forever Living Products
76 Mitch & Deidre Sala  Amway
77 Naoki Hongo and Kimie Hongo Nu Skin
78 Alexis Romano Isagenix
79 Judy Stallings MyDailyChoice
80 Matthew Rosa IM Academy
81 Dan & Megan Valentine Optavia – Medifast
82 Earlene Buggs Organo Gold
83 Steve and Gina Merritt Monat Global 
84 Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier
85 Yager Group  Amway
86 Ramin Mesgarlou Opulence Global
87 Seville & Rachaell Koja N/A
88 Jeff & Maureen Altgilbers 4Life
89 Serkan Ornek Farmasi
90 Amber & Dean De Grasse  N/A
91 Hector La Marque  Primerica
92 Emily & Hayden Vavra  Isagenix
93 Mark & Tammy Smith Nerium
94 Elizabeth Weber Market America
95 Nathan Ricks Nu Skin
96 Jeff Weisberg  Kyani
97 Tarl Robinson Plexus Worldwide
98 Marc Accetta WorldVentures
99 Faraday Hosseinipour  Synergy Worldwide
100 Amira Habib & Paolo Tuynman OmegaPro

MLM Leaders: Success stories

The leaders of the MLM industry have achieved remarkable success and are ruling the industry with great power. Multi Level marketing has continually offered vast earning potentials, drawing entrepreneurs worldwide.

Below is a list of the top MLM entrepreneurs of 2024, highlighting their companies and estimated earnings.

Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala
Earnings :$2,400,000 monthly
Netherlands & Italy
Company: Success Factory

Igor and Andreea Cimbala are a famous Dutch couple who established a career in multilevel marketing and made it into a huge success. They are successful, focused, and independent entrepreneurs who gave rise to ‘Success Factory’, an MLM company that promotes the DagCoin cryptocurrency. Also, they train and educate the people about cryptocurrency and recruit interested individuals.

Trin & Jirawan Vichaidith
Earnings: $1,945,000 monthly
united states
Company: Nu Skin

This couple has mastered the art of international network expansion, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, leveraging Nu Skin's diverse health and beauty products.

Ivan and Monica Tapia
Earnings: $1,500,000 monthly
united states
Company: IM Mastery Academy

They are known for their fame in the MLM industry. They provide vibrant and engaging training programs to individuals and encourage people to grow their own business. The Tapias have significantly impacted financial education through network marketing.

Jenna Zwagil
Earnings: $1,000,000 monthly
united states
Company: MyDailyChoice

Jenna Zwagil is the woman power of the MLM industry. She is famous not just for her leadership, but also for her role in advocating for CBD oil and wellness products, making a significant impact on network marketing.

Stormy Wellington
Earnings: $935,000 monthly
united states
Company: Total Life

Stormy stands out for her motivational approach and commitment to transforming lives through wellness products.

David Imonitie
Earnings: $935,000 monthly
united states
Company: IM Mastery Academy

David Imonitie is one of the top earners in the network marketing industry. He is the founder of Believe Nation, an award winning enterprise. He is known for his excellence in business and widely recognized in the network marketing community for his remarkable success and influential strategies.

Dexter Yager
Earnings: $850,000 monthly
united states
Company: Amway

Dexter Yager was a renowned figure in the network marketing industry, widely respected for his pivotal role in building one of the most successful distribution networks for Amway.

Natalia Yosco
Earnings: $760,000 monthly
United States
Company: APLGO

Natalia Yosco has exceptional qualities as a leader. She is excelling through expertise in health supplements.

Kristian and Travis Butler
Earnings:$720,000 monthly
United States
Company: Auvoria prime

Kristian and Travis Butler have carved out a prominent place in the MLM industry through their association with Auvoria Prime, where they are celebrated for innovatively combining technology with traditional network marketing strategies.

Jeff Roberti
Earnings: $710,000 monthly
United States
Company: Juice Plus+

As a veteran in the direct selling industry, Jeff’s success and fame is a testament to his personal brand and deep commitment to health and wellness.

Kim Hui
Earnings: $700,000 monthly
United States
Company: Jeunesse Global

Kim Hui is promoting health and wellness products, utilizing a global platform. She specializes in emotion regulation and stress management and helps people regain their health and wellness.

Ray and Daranee Geddie
Earnings: $680,000 monthly
Orem, Utah
Company: Unicity

Ray and Daranee secured their position in the list of the top earners in the MLM industry with their determination and courage. Their strategy revolves around diverse health products.

Steve and Gina Merritt
Earnings: $660,000 monthly
united states
Company: Monat Global

They are well known for their leadership and excellence in crafting a business of their own. They are experts of the competitive beauty and personal care market.

Brian McClure
Earnings: $650,000 monthly
united states
Company: Ambit Energy

Brian McClure is a notable figure in the MLM industry, particularly for his work with Ambit Energy, where he has achieved significant financial success.

John Haremza
Earnings: $640,000 monthly
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Company: Valentus

John Haremza is occupied in promoting the best health products to people all over the world. He specializes in nutritional supplements and weight management.

Each individual possesses unique talents and abilities.Their stories aren’t just personal reflections of their success but are an inspiration to many who want to build their own enterprise and become masters of the business world.

These top earners showcase a blend of strategic networking, market savvy, and personal branding.


MLM is a golden opportunity for people who dream of owning a business of their own. This rankings of the top 100 MLM income earners only serve to put into perspective just how multifaceted and vibrant this industry is, full of people who have not only mastered the art of network-building but also embraced cutting-edge technology and marketing methodologies for phenomenal success. These are the kind of MLM leaders who have become a role model for all others in the business to emulate, and this inspiration has further inspired thousands to strive for greatness. In the times ahead, the stories and achievements of these top earners will very well serve as a beacon of light up the path of the next generation of MLM entrepreneurs. It is not only a personal success for them but also a symbol of the unlimited opportunities available in the MLM business, which pushes all others to dream big, work smartly, and go to heights they have never gone before. Now, it’s your turn.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top MLM Earners

  • As the reports say, it is estimated that Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala from Success Factory earn more. Also, the networth of the MLM leaders including rin & Jirawan Vichaidith from Nu Skin, Ivan and Monica Tapia from IM Mastery Academy, Jenna Zwagil from MyDailyChoice, and Stormy Wellington from Total Life Changes has considerably increased in 2024.
  • The path of success may not be easy. MLM leaders are focused and determined and they achieved success through continuous dedication, effective leadership, strategic networking, and excellent communication skills.
  • MLM companies commonly promote a variety of products, including skincare, beauty, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, wellness products, and more recently, financial education and cryptocurrency through platforms like IM Mastery Academy and Success Factory.
  • MLM is a great opportunity to gain significant earnings. It also involves a substantial commitment and ability to build and maintain a large network.
  • MLM can involve risks such as the potential for financial loss, the need for a continuous recruitment of new members, market saturation, and the challenge of maintaining a large and active network. It's important for potential MLM participants to thoroughly research the company and its products, understand the compensation structure, and be realistic about the effort required to succeed.

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