Exploring different types of compensation plans in multi-level marketing

A multi-level marketing company is built on a compatible compensation plan. They are well-structured commission systems that work on the basis of profitability.


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Are you curious about the exciting world of multi-level marketing? Network marketing is the perfect fit for individuals who are looking for a flexible and gratifying business opportunity. In this unique business model, the ultimate combination of entrepreneurship and the power of teamwork allows you to accomplish remarkable success. It uses a massive network of distributors to promote its products and services and attain financial gain with minimal capital investment. Before starting an MLM business, It is crucial to understand the intricacies of compensation plans in network marketing since it is regarded as the backbone of the MLM industry.

Compensation plans in MLM

A multi-level marketing company is built on a compatible compensation plan. They are well-structured commission systems that work on the basis of profitability. This detailed model shows how the distributors at various levels get rewarded considering their individual sales as well as the commissions they earn from the sales generated by their downlines. Compensation plans in network marketing allow individuals to earn a potential income from their sales and also encourage them to form a massive network of motivated individuals. MLM offers a wide range of plans, with impeccable features. The most popular plans that are widely used by top-notch MLM companies include binary, uni-level, board, and matrix compensation plans. Let’s explore the fascinating world of compensation plans and dive into the details of how these plans lead to the financial success of an MLM company.

Binary MLM plan

The binary compensation plan in multi-level marketing is popular because it comes with a host of benefits. In this organizational structure, the distributor gets the chance to build two downlines under him who become the first-level members of the sponsor. They are preferably placed on the right leg and left leg of the distributor. This recruitment will continue as each distributor enrolls two individuals in their binary tree, forming a massive network. The active enrollment of people into the network accelerates the company’s growth and productivity. One of the major challenges of this plan is the proper balancing of the right and left legs. For Maintaining an equilibrium between the two legs, the distributors must strategize and facilitate support to the weak legs.

Advantages of Binary plan

  • Compared to other compensation plans, the binary system in MLM is very simple to understand and manage. The recruitment structure is uncomplicated and makes it easier for the distributors to build a team.
  • The distributors are building two legs to infinity in a binary compensation plan. This level of duplication and team building can form an unlimited depth in the payment.
  • Each member benefits from this plan as they recruit new members into the same leg. Also, a binary compensation plan provides the opportunity for the distributors to expand their businesses at their own pace.

Uni-level MLM plan

The uni-level plan is the most commonly used compensation plan in MLM. It works in a linear structure in which all the distributors are placed on a single level or uni-level. This plan primarily focuses on building a broad network by recruiting new participants directly. Distributors in a uni-level plan can enroll an unlimited number of members and enhance the opportunity to earn passive income in multi-level marketing. This plan is relatively simple and convenient to apply.

Advantages of the uni-level plan

  • There is no restriction on having many sub-distributors under the sponsor. The ultimate goal of this compensation plan is to create a broad network of distributors and generate hype around the income.
  • Another advantage of this plan is its simplicity. It is easily manageable and beneficial for both distributors and their downlines.
  • The growth and performance of the downline’s organization determine the success of a distributor in a uni-level compensation plan. Therefore, they need constant support to uplift their productivity.

Matrix MLM Plan

The process of recruiting in a matrix organization is straightforward. A matrix compensation plan has a fixed width and depth. Each distributor is allowed to have three members in their front line and the same number in the depth as well. There are variations in matrix plans such as forced matrix and uni-level matrix. A forced matrix promotes spillover as it encourages the distributors to place the excess recruiters under the existing distributors. Though, in the uni-level matrix, there is no such restriction in recruiting front-line members. They can enroll as many members as they desire.

Advantages of Matrix plan

  • The major advantage of a matrix plan is its plain structure. It is easy to understand, manage and execute as well.
  • In a matrix compensation plan, the distributors support each other by encouraging the process of recruitment. It balances both personal growth and team growth effectively.
  • By employing a matrix plan, MLM companies can generate quick income.

Board MLM plan

A board plan works on the basis of a board matrix structure. The striking feature of this plan is that various boards operate simultaneously within a single board structure. When one board is filled with its members, it replicates into several boards allowing recruiting opportunities for the distributors. This type of splitting creates tremendous growth. Moreover, this plan allows completion bonuses for distributors as they fill all the positions on a board. This bonus acts as motivation for distributors to actively enroll new participants. MLM companies offer cash, product rewards, or any other type of incentive as a completion bonus.

Advantages of Board MLM plan

  • Board MLM plans elevate the possibilities of teamwork and collaboration among distributors.
  • It develops leadership qualities. Strong leaders in the board system will foster profits.
  • Compared to other compensation plans, the board MLM plan has a smaller number of members and is easy to employ.


Compensation plans are very crucial to the running of a multi-level marketing company. The different types of MLM plans offer distributors the opportunity to earn significant income and gain rewards based on their sales performance. The binary, uni-level, matrix, and board MLM plans are the frequently employed plans in network marketing.

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