What is an MLM Software?

what is mlm software
PS : In this article, The term, "MLM Software" will be used to denote "A Web-based MLM Software". that is mostly an MLM Software is.

"What is an MLM Software?"

MLM Software refers to multi level marketing ( MLM ) / Affiliate marketing management tool. In which an admin user can manage a network, its users, and compensation plan. MLM Software also provides its end users in the network, ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts. in short, MLM company will be able to do the entire business and track the process and progress through the MLM Software, like new user registration, product purchasing, transactions etc. 

Advantages of using an MLM Software for your business.

Accessible from anywhere: -  Being a web-based software, it can be managed from anywhere in the world.

Integration: MLM Software can be integrated with websites or web apps.

E-Commerce Integrated: -  A Good, MLM Software can be integrated with E-Commerce systems so that online product selling can be managed with MLM Software. 

Handy:  A Good, web-based MLM Software will be accessible from any device that supports web surfing. and will be responsive to the screen sizes of devices.

Custom compensation plans supported: -  A Good, web-based MLM Software will be designed for client requirements, like custom plans, Custom UI. etc 

Almost all MLM Software that is available in the market nowadays is using PHP as their backend for MLM Software. That is easy, fast, and handy. Some of them are using PHP without any framework, and some using Frameworks like Codeigniter, Symfony, Laravel, etc.

An Average MLM Software must be capable of

  •  Joining system

  ​​​​MLM Software must be capable of adding new users to the system. via referral or direct registration (as per client requirements)

  •  Support custom MLM compensation plans

 MLM Software must be capable of supporting custom compensation plans.

  •  Graphical representation

 MLM Software should be able to graphically represent users in the system, like a tree view.

  •  Voucher processing

 MLM Software must be capable of generating, updating, and processing vouchers.

  •  E-Wallet management 

 A good MLM Software must be using the virtual store system like an e-wallet. It adds more security and stability to the system.

  •  Commission management

 Commission management is an unavoidable part of an MLM Software. Admin can set commission, or update.

  •  Payout management 

 MLM Software must be able to provide payout management to users and admin in the system. like requesting a payout and responding to payout requests.

  •  Reports

 MLM Software should be able to generate reports. like joining reports, voucher reports, and e-wallet reports. etc.

There are many MLM Software available in the market now. Always choose carefully because an MLM Software can be the key to your success.





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