Unraveling the motivation of top 10 MLM entrepreneurs

Effective communication is the strength of a Network Marketing business. Top earners in the MLM industry possess remarkable interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of audiences.


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Everyone looks up to something for inspiration. Whether it’s a person, a story, or an episode. In business too, success stories play a vital role in motivating people. It has the ability to mold somebody’s dreams and keep them motivated to try harder. After every failure, they can still achieve what they want. Have you ever thought about the psychology behind MLM success? Take it easy. Let’s unravel the motivation of MLM businesses through the top 10 network marketing entrepreneurs.

We have a list of top-notch entrepreneurs who specialize in multi-level marketing. They are experts who possess great marketing skills and adequate knowledge in this field. Take a look.

Top 10 MLM entrepreneurs

  • Rolf Kipp
  • Jeff Roberti
  • Jenna Zwagil
  • Ed Bestoso
  • Hayley Hobson
  • Omar Salazar
  • Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala
  • Ivan and Monica Tapia
  • Sergio Penunuri
  • David Imonitie

It is astounding to know that these independent entrepreneurs are also the wealthiest people in the world. Undoubtedly, network marketing offers a fantastic income opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. We can estimate that MLM provides an abundance of opportunities to upcoming entrepreneurs by analyzing the revenue generated by their companies.

Network marketing is a successful business model that functions through a network of independent sales representatives. As the network broadens, the income generated within the organization will also rise.

The network marketing horizon is wide open. It unlocks a world of possibilities. You can make limitless attempts to become successful in MLM. The employment of the right tools and technologies, including MLM software and marketing automation, can catapult your business to new heights.

Through years of continuous struggles, dedication, and determination, these individuals have attained their goals. You can be one of them. Let’s delve into the psychology behind the success of these top earners in MLM, exploring the mindset, traits, and strategies that set them apart from the rest.

  • Goal setting

    Having a vision of what you are up to is very important in any business. The goal-setting ability of entrepreneurs is the one key aspect that distinguishes MLM entrepreneurs from the rest. They might have set clear goals about what they want to achieve through their business. You can outline your plans and goals before starting MLM operations. A well-defined vision is what every entrepreneur should possess. This clarity stirs up their motivation, and they can relentlessly pursue their objectives.

  • Strong belief in the product and company

    A genuine interest in and passion for the products you are promoting is the reason for the success of MLM entrepreneurs. Successful MLM entrepreneurs thoroughly research their product and the company that represents it. The care and concern about product quality will instill trust and confidence among individuals. In order to strengthen their commitment to an MLM company, they have to be more careful and align their beliefs with their actions.

  • Effective communication and relationship building

    Effective communication is the strength of a Network Marketing business. Top earners in the MLM industry possess remarkable interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of audiences. They form an emotional connection with their potential customers and consider their requirements. Through this, they can foster loyalty and trust in their prospects.

  • Leadership and mentoring

    Established MLM entrepreneurs are great leaders and mentors. They can build a community of network marketers and provide proper training and guidance. Direct selling is all about making personal connections. This business model requires a personal touch in which all the members within the organization support each other to drive success.

  • Embracing personal growth and development

    Do you know what the factors are that are essential to long-term success in MLM? Personal growth and development are crucial for achieving continuous success in this field. Successful MLM entrepreneurs invest their time in learning new things to improve their skills and knowledge. This commitment to constant learning is what makes them stand out from the crowd. They always stay ahead of marketing trends and become a source of inspiration for others.

    Success in MLM is driven by a combination of factors. It is critical to understand that success is not guaranteed for everyone. It requires hard work, patience, determination, and the confidence to try harder after every disappointment, frustration, and failure.

  • Rolf Kipp

    Introducing Rolf Kipp, one of the top earners in the direct selling business. He is a German entrepreneur and co-founder of the established Multi-level marketing company, ‘Forever Living Products’. The company is renowned for its products and has millions of followers from different parts of the globe.

    Did you know ?

    According to the Business for Home rankings, German top earner, Rolf Kipp has reached the $9 million per month mark, making him in third place.
  • Jeff Roberti

    Jeff Roberti is an inspiring leader, who has established his network marketing business beyond geographical boundaries. He is regarded as one of the biggest income earners in the history of direct selling. The iconic success story of Jeff will blow everyone’s mind.

    Attention please!!

    Jeff Roberti is the owner of the successful network marketing organization, Juice Plus+. As a distributor of Juice Plus+, he achieved tremendous success and paved the way for helping millions of individuals start their MLM careers. Lately, Jeff Roberti has appeared in ‘Business at Home magazine’ as one of the largest income earners over the course of MLM history.
  • Jenna Zwagil

    Jenna Zwagil is a woman with a vision. She founded the MLM company, MyDailyChoice, with the support of her husband, Josh Zwagil. She emerged as an inspiring lady and proved herself as a skilled entrepreneur and author. Under the guidance of Jenna, MyDailyChoice has achieved significant growth and sparkled in the limelight.

    The company offers a range of healthcare products including CBD-based products, which are quite popular. Jenna Zwagil is very passionate about her business and her ability to connect with different types of people is the reason behind the company’s popularity.

    Research, Research, Research!

    Jenna Zwagil is an established network marketer who has a net worth of $ 12 million. She is the co-founder of the MLM company, MyDailyChoice. She is one of the most successful women in network marketing.
  • Ed Bestoso

    “ Dream big, this is the time” - Ed Bestoso

    Ed Bestoso is regarded as the most prominent figure in the network marketing industry. He is a successful entrepreneur at Melaleuca. The success story of Ed Bestosos is appealing to ears and motivates budding entrepreneurs to dream big and work towards it. He joined Melaleuca in 1991 and transformed the industry to new heights. He could win the hearts of millions of customers through his dedication and perseverance.

    Research, Research, Research!

    “ The people that have come here have changed their lives forever” - Ed Bestoso
  • Hayley Hobson

    Haven't you heard of the well-known direct-selling company, doTERRA? If not, it's high time to learn about the company and its founder, Hayley Hobson. If you are interested in MLM, you can take a look at the biography of Hayley Hobson, a determined woman who achieved remarkable success in the network marketing industry.

    Her interest in MLM stemmed from her passion for essential oils, her entrepreneurial skills, and her ability to interact with people. She has changed the lives of millions of people through her network marketing company. Over the years, she has crafted a team of dedicated and talented distributors.

    Did you know?

    She is one of the largest income earners in the MLM industry. In addition to direct selling, she exhibits her talent in social media marketing and personal branding as well. She is the author of the book, ‘ A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils: Recipes and Practices for a Natural Lifestyle and Holistic’
  • Omar Salazar

    Omar Salazar is a well-experienced network marketer. He joined MLM at a very young age, although he was determined to build a career out of it. The money he got from his father was his only investment and with that, he crafted an empire that generates an average net worth of $ 12, 000, 000. He could help aspiring entrepreneurs and he trained many. Through his continuous hard work and dedication, he was able to strengthen his roots in MLM and make significant contributions.
    “ Fortunately, I have always been a very persistent person. Actually, there is a bit of rebelliousness in my attitude: when someone tells me I can not do something, it’s like fuel for my mind, I know that I will do it no matter what" - Omar Salazar
  • Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala

    Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala are a power couple who have achieved great success in multi-level marketing. They are well-known for their leadership, passion, and success in MLM. They follow a very unique approach to attracting customers from different countries. By collaborating and supporting each other, this Dutch couple is celebrating their success in MLM.

    Igor and Andreea worked towards a common goal. They battled challenges together. During times of crisis, like COVID and the quarantine that followed, they introduced a home-based business model, through which they explored their business opportunities.

    They earn a monthly commission of $ 2.6 million. The couple say;

    “But these numbers are not only our profits, as we have globally hundreds of thousands of network marketing affiliates in our downlines who make commissions from at least 100€ up to even far over half a million monthly.”
  • Ivan and Monica Tapia

    The journey of the couple, Ivan and Monica Tapia to success and happiness is impressively beautiful. They are successful MLM entrepreneurs who overcame a bundle of obstacles in their way. Monica stood by her husband during the crisis and encouraged him to do his best. She saw the true potential buried in him and together they laid the foundation of their network marketing company. The couple is a true inspiration for people who are willing to fight for their dreams, no matter how hard and impossible the path is.

    Ivan and Monica Tapia belong to the list of most celebrated MLM entrepreneurs. It is expected that they have an average net worth of $ 18, 000, 000.

    Their success Quote

    “ Success is not a destiny or place you arrive, it’s a way of life”- Monica Tapia
  • Sergio Penunuri

    He is one of the top earners in the multi-level marketing industry. Through his immense hard work and dedication, he has achieved astounding success in network marketing. It is estimated that he has a net worth of $17, 040, 000. He possesses exceptional skills in creative and digital marketing. Sergio Penunuri approached direct selling in a unique way and his success story is indeed a motivation for individuals who want to pursue their network marketing career.    
  • David Imonitie

    The path toward success is always difficult. Let’s see how David Imonite has emerged as a multi-millionaire and shined in the limelight.

    David Imonite is known for his immense fame in the field of multi-level marketing. He is a successful entrepreneur, amazing mentor, trainer, investor, and serial entrepreneur. At the age of 27, after successive failures in his career, he joined MLM and earned $1, 000, 000 as his first income. From there, he mastered the art of direct selling and built an inspiring career. In addition to this, he was also able to help millions of entrepreneurs by giving proper guidance.


Each person’s motivation is unique and can evolve over time. The compelling stories of success can inspire others and give them the confidence to face challenges and try harder. These top 10 MLM entrepreneurs have come a long way and they remain in the industry through continuous hard work and dedication to their profession. If you want to learn more about network marketing, join our community and visit Cloud MLM.

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