Popular MLM plans used in united states

Here the list of popular MLM plans used in united states. Analyze the list and choose best MLM plan for your business.


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MLM software is also known as multi-level marketing software and is used to lead multi-level marketing businesses. MLM software is quite different from traditional distribution methods.MLM software helps to integrate with all kinds of marketing like email marketing.

MLM software is the backbone of the MLM business. It is a powerful marketing tool. By this, you can improve your business faster and earn a gross income.

Once you sign up, in the software you can see the MLM plans and you can get to know about the product details.

Below here, explains a few plans, and their features, usage, and how they work. Let us get going by understanding the best Multi-Level Marketing plan here.

1. Binary plan:

Now, let us explore the most popular MLM plans that are mostly used in many companies. MLM Binary plan is simple and popular among the MLM plans.

In this binary plan, each member is positioned in the binary tree structure. The binary plan has the outside leg and the inside leg and the power leg.

The inside leg, also known as the profit leg, is directly connected with the sponsored members.

An important thing in a binary MLM plan is that it makes every member responsible. Now that we have read about the most popular and widely used MLM plan, Here I have discussed a few of the other plans that are more popular in binary plans.

2. Unilevel MLM Plan:

The Unilevel MLM plan is similar to the traditional method all MLM companies are working with uni-level MLM plans as their basic plan. The main feature of this uni-level MLM plan is there is no limitation. you can sponsor more people on your front line. This plan is the simplest plan among all the MLM plans.

3. Generation MLM plan:

Generation MLM is a simple and well-known MLM plan. In this MLM plan, Profit sharing is the main thing. An owner of an MLM company shares the profit to the whole chain in such a ratio that upline members and downline members can get the same level of rewards and bonuses. There are no high or low comparisons over here.

4. Stair step MLM plan:

Stairstep MLM is simple among those MLM plans where each plan has a specific sales volume. In the Stair-step, MLM dealers reach a set of objectives and they will move to the next higher level.

Features of Stair-step MLM plan:

It helps to develop a traditional way of earning platform for those who want to start their own business. It is similar to uni-level MLM but there is less risk in the stair-step plan.

5. Board plan MLM:

Board MLM is a plan where a group of members works in a team called the board. Board has a set of members and it is split into sub-board. The top member will be moved to a higher board and get some recompense.

In the MLM board plan, the company sets its promotional board and it decides how many members are on the board. When the board is full, it splits into others and the excess members of the first board can form a new board. If one of the boards gains all the profits and the other one can get referrals.The one who decides on the plan and also decides on the number of the board and who is promoted to the next board.

Features of MLM Board plan:

One of the boards gains all the profits and the other one can earn referrals.

Australian MLM Plan:

 Australian MLM Plan is simple and easy to understand. The plan is one of the standard MLM plans. The best MLM software in united states is inadequate without an Australian binary MLM plan.

 This is one of the preferred plans in the MLM industry. It is very similar to a binary plan.



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