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Today in this competitive software industry many software development companies say that their developed software has remarkable features but before selecting it you must check the features of the software and assure if it suits your business or not. The best software is one that has high quality and functionality developed by a highly qualified team that supports any type of business. The advanced package includes all of the functionalities and features necessary to meet and exceed all system specifications. MLM software has unique and generic features, and most MLM software development companies tailor it to the needs and specifications of their customers.

The package is based on what the customer required for his business. A consumer is often looking for new and improved features in their package so that the team can work efficiently and effectively. We have complete control over the MLM software features and techniques, and we provide excellent services for customizing existing features and developing new ones based on the client's requirements.

Features and services of MLM software

  • Standard Dashboard

A standard dashboard with easily accessible features provides an overview of the entire business system and facilitates easy operation by precise navigation.

  • Admin Panel

You may modify and customize your website's homepage, package, offers, and commission from the admin panel. The MLM compensation plans, users, and their payouts all can be controlled through the panel. Other tools improved efficiency and data use.

  • User BackOffice

One of the key tools used by MLM active customers to conduct business is the user back office. It is responsive and customized to fit any type of device having different screen sizes that allows you to operate on any device from any place.

  • E-wallet

An E-wallet is a type of virtual money that the members can use for online transactions. The holders can easily withdraw their E-wallet balance directly from their bank account as per the wish.

  • Genealogy Tree

A genealogy tree is a user-friendly method of defining the structure of a team, such as the down-line members that work under you.

  • Automatic data backup tool

Your entire data is encrypted and moved to the cloud automatically.

  • Multiple currency support

The back office tool interacts with the most common global currencies, allowing for manual and automated currency conversion.

  • Multi-lingual Support

A multilingual system allows users around the world to easily navigate through your MLM system and deal with all MLM activities.

  • Bonus Plans

It is embedded with multiple bonus plans including generation bonuses, retail sales bonuses, pool bonuses, and so on.

  • Replicating Website

We also build a replica of your official website or a template with a ready-made design. And we Redesign and edit these templates as per the client's request.

  • Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your company and your profile and marketing info can be embedded with Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to create good social connections.

  • Purchase and sales volume

All types of MLM purchase activities like purchase volume, sales volume, group purchase volume, and group sales volume can be managed and controlled.

  • Newsletter and E-mail Builder

The construction of email and newsletters is possible without any prior knowledge of manual coding.

  • Secure profile page

On the dedicated profile pages, users can set their images and wallpapers and have the option to hide the private information for security reasons.

  • Theme Change

The color scheme, look and feel of the dashboard can be customized by the user according to their needs.

  • SMS Integration

An inbuilt feature that used to connect and notify all team members through SMS. The business team can set up SMS notification rules.

  • Multiple withdrawal Options

You can easily withdraw your payment from your e-wallet virtual money to real money using a variety of methods, including PayPal, Visa, Amazon Pay, and others.

Cloud MLM software provides the best MLM software for your business with unlimited customizations and customer support. our software has all the features mentioned above and you can easily integrate our software along with other systems.

Cloud MLM Software

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