• Payment gateways - a walkthrough!

    A payment gateway is a commercial service provided by an e business claim service provider that authorizes credit cards or direct payment processing for E-businesses, online retailers in simple clicks. This service facilitates payment transaction between the payment portal like websites, mobile phone or interactive voice response service and acquiring bank by the transfer of information.
  • Cloud Based MLM Software - Cloud MLM Software

    Cloud based MLM Software attracts new investors with its high scaling capacity and security. The digital world has really into cloud computing, to make things more faster and secure by combining unlimited systems to act as one. rather than the traditional shared or dedicated hosting, which is based on one machine only, cloud based hosting is within a network of faster systems. A recent study shows that cloud based MLM software will be dominating over other MLM Software technologies in coming days, because of its capability to enroll, and secure data in back-up enabled cloud services. Using latest technologies to build and integrate with cloud based services, cloud MLM software has proven the technology is a success and its the future of Affiliated marketing software.
  • What is MLM Sales?

    In this modern period, there are so many legitimate businesses that allow you to get in to direct sales from online instead of direct marketing from home. In network marketing,  individuals sell products or services to the public, often by word of mouth and direct selling. Through this strategy, distributors earn commissions.   Definition of MLM sales   MLM Sales is a marketing strategy in which the distributor is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other people they recruited for sales.
  • Marketing campaign software and MLM software

    Marketing is a major function for every business. the scope of marketing continuously shifting evolving and becoming complex as consumers rely on a multitude of devices to consume media.  marketing campaign software and MLM software are two important part of the modern marketing technology words in business you need to know about. 
  • What is an open source MLM Software?

    Open source MLM software is a software in which the source code is made available with a license for general public for use and it is available for modification
  • Opensource MLM Software

    Being an MLM Software with all aspects you might be thinking of, your search for an MLM Software ends here. ( Cloud MLM Software is extendable , and customizable. The team is able to do any customization that is possible).
  • How MLM Software can help business grow?

    If you want to make profit from your MLM Business, you will need a solid and clear plan. and you will have to choose the best and appropiate MLM software for your MLM Business. Cloud MLM Software is the trending MLM Software in current gloabl market. It provides a clean and clear overview of MLM structure with its nice and unique admin initerface
  • Role of e-commerce website in MLM business

    In this article, lets see how an e-commerce website makes impact on an MLM business, directly or indirectly. The role of e-commerce website in MLM business is major.   As of 2016, the term e-commerce is being popular in web. there are millions of transactions happening online daily. The giants of E-commerce websites has proven that there are chances to be successful in a short period of time, with needed effort. Even in rural areas, e-commerce has a big impact in these days. comparing to the past, its growing day by day.
  • Why use MLM Software for business? 20 Things an MLM admin is capable of by using MLM Software.

    MLM Software makes things easy. Managing a large group of members through papers isn't possible nowadays. Choosing the right MLM Software might be the cornerstone of your business.  Current marketing researches shows that a large part of sales happens online. So all businesses are going online.  Maintaining the organization from a web browser, from anywhere in the world. it would be nice right?