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Frequently Asked Questions

MLM Software FAQ

Is the pricing negotiable?

Contact us to get
Custom MLM Software based on your requirements, and yes the pricing is negotiable based on its requirements.

Is this a self-hosted package and is there a monthly plan?

No, There is no monthly fees. Once the software is purchased, its yours to use in your own servers.

Do i need a cloud hosting to host Cloud MLM Software?

No, but we encourage to host in cloud servers, for better speed and processing.
Contact Us for info.

What are the minimum requirements to run this software?

There aren't many, but you'll need PHP >= 5.6.4,OpenSSL PHP Extension,PDO PHP Extension,Mbstring PHP Extension,Tokenizer PHP Extension,XML PHP Extension to run this software. If you are using cloud/shared/vps or dedicated hosting, we will help you to get it work.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

You may, or maynot. but we encourage to use SSL certificate to make your payment processes safe.

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Cloud MLM Software
Version 5.4.1 is here!!!

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