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Cutco/Vector marketing

World Rank # 56
Revenue $226million
Founded 1949
Country US
Compensation structure single-level
Employees 706 employees
Head quarters Olean, New York
Primary market United states
Products Appliances; Home Decor; Kitchenware
Sales method Person to person

Cutco MLM Company produces high-quality kitchen cutleries, cookware and other cooking accessories and markets its products via Vector Marketing Corp. CUTCO is the largest manufacturer in the United States and Canada of kitchen cutlery.

Vector Marketing is a popular MLM company that primarily sells cutlery and kitchen supplements. It operates as a subsidiary of Cutco corporation and was established in 1981. They adopt various marketing strategies such as in-home demonstrations, where sales representatives showcase their products and gain public attention. Their association with Cutco knives is quite popular. The sales representatives within the company sell Cutco products directly to their customers and earn a fair amount of profit. Vector marketing is known for its unique approach to marketing and sales.

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