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In modern society, a well-organized software is very important to follow clients, audit sales, direct agents, and process compensations and to manage payouts. Cloud MLM presents one of the software, direct selling software used in this purpose. It will help to track the sales profits and incomes very efficiently.

Cloud MLM Software Solutions is a major direct selling software solutions provider in India. Our high-end technology helps our customers to stay ahead of the competitive direct selling businesses. We provide reliable, top-rated, and globally accepted software solutions for our valuable customers.   

What is direct selling software?  

It is a type of software that used to operate and manage direct selling businesses like marketing and selling goods or services to customers directly without any middlemen. In this method, the marketing will be done door-to-door by company representatives.

Key Features of Cloud MLM’s direct selling software

In direct selling businesses, the distributors and business tools are the major parts. Without these, the direct selling businesses not succeeded. Cloud MLM’s software solutions provide some business tools to manage the business program. Key features of our direct selling software solutions are

  • Our software provides fully protected and customized direct selling plans to our customers.
  • Cloud MLM’s direct selling software solutions provide a Client management system to our customers
  • Through our Graphical and pictorial Representations of direct selling software, you can view and understand about all important business activities.
  • Our software makes direct selling business simple and easy through order management, inventory, and shipping.
  • Cloud MLM’s direct selling software helps to manage various commission systems efficiently  
  • Our direct selling software supports multiple currencies and multiple languages.
  • Cloud MLM’s direct selling software client support system.
  • It helps to manage your team and their individual networks.
  • Our software helps to customize each and every user profile.
  • Our direct selling software supports to SMS Integration, Website integration, Social media integration and Mobile integration.
  • We provide lead generation.

 Direct selling Software Compensation plans  

Today there are many compensation plans occupied in direct selling business and Cloud MLM’s direct selling software comes integrated with all the popular compensation plans. Some compensation plans integrated with our direct selling software are:

  • Binary direct selling software plan
  • Matrix direct selling software plan  
  • Uni-level direct selling software plan
  • Investment direct selling software plan
  • Mono line direct selling software plan
  • Generational direct selling software plan
  • Gift direct selling software plan
  • Party direct selling software plan
  • Stair step direct selling software plan
  • Generation direct selling software plan
  • Hybrids direct selling software plan
  • Break away direct selling software plan

Add on features of direct selling software  

Cloud MLM’s multi-featured, flexible, reliable and customizable MLM software helps our clients to manage and control your direct selling business effectively and efficiently. In addition to the key features, our direct selling software have some add on features. They are:

  • E-commerce Integration
  • Crypto currency promotion
  • Bit-coin Integration
  • Replicated website
  • Lead capture page system
  • Payment gateway integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Mobile Application
  • CRM Integration

Why Cloud MLM’s direct selling software?

  • Our direct selling software is a tool for keeping your excellent business performance.      
  • Our software offers an efficient Business Operations among clients, company admins and representatives.
  • It is a profitable and cost-effective solution for our customers.
  • We ensure smooth functioning and a good Integration of company’s systems.
  • Our software facilitates higher productivity for customers.
  • Ensures motivation to sales people.

The Direct selling software is a strategy that helps to make the business simple. The success of a business depends on the right web-based software you selected. Before choosing the software, you should aware of compensation. Plans, add on and everything about the software. Cloud MLM provides the best directing selling software for our customers.

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