What is a Changelog?

A changelog is a file which contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of the software. Here mentions the major updates in the version of Cloud MLM Software and the new features included in it.

Cloud MLM software version 14.0


Cloud MLM Software has released its latest version, 14.0, introducing a plethora of exciting new features and enhancements compared to version 13.0. This update underscores Cloud MLM Software's dedication to delivering the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for network marketing businesses.


  • Enhanced User Interface and Experience
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Improved Security Measures
  • Integration with Blockchain Technology
  • Automated Marketing Tools
  • Enhanced Payment Gateway Integration
  • Enhanced Customer Support Module

Cloud MLM software version 13.0


The latest version of Cloud MLM software is enriched with unique features including multi-plans and google translate module options. The updated version enhances communication, mobile compatibility, scalability, and performance.


  • Increased efficiency and user friendliness
  • Increased speed
  • Better user experience
  • UI improvements
  • Enhanced performance

Cloud MLM software version 12.0


This new and updated version of Cloud MLM Software adopted React JS on the user side with attractive dashboard. Integrating React into Cloud MLM software offered several benefits including cross-platform compatibility, flexibility, and increased efficiency in performance.


  • Dashboard UI is improved that enhanced the user experience
  • Implemented better caching of resources
  • Easy maintenance and better results
  • Added activity history for every user
  • Better speed

Cloud MLM software version 11.0


This version marks the entry to the new modern world which encompasses Updated technology such as PHP-Laravel-Lumen framework, ReactJs 17.0.2, NodeJS v16.13.2, PHP v8.1.11, Lumen,v9.0.2, Laravel Components v9.0. Cloud MLM software developers have made several significant changes that made it easier to use. It has 99% capacity to performance .Although React is designed to be impervious to vulnerabilities, there are some settings that developers can activate that might render it susceptible to cross-site scripting.


  • Interchanging modes
  • Alternating direction
  • Contrasting color presets
  • Changeable Full screen mode
  • Declarative UI
  • Unchallenging to adapt
  • Adopting much easier
  • One way data binding
  • Assurance to quick rendering
  • Modules and valid data made easy for readability of larger apps
  • Easy maintenance and boosts output

Cloud MLM software version 10.0


This version mainly highlights the Brand new admin and user dashboard. Also, there are multiple genealogy trees. v.10.0 has Changed in the privileged user menu. Also they established the options to customize the dashboard.


  • Improved usability, performance, flexibility, and speed.
  • An enhanced user interface for business, e-wallet, e-pin, and payout admin. pages with advanced filtering, sorting, and pagination options.

Cloud MLM software version 9.0


This version showcases significant changes from older versions, such as the Updated profile view in the profile management menu. Also, it has a user-friendly interface that is more sleek and complete for all of your MLM needs. Significant features of v. 9.0 are


  • Multilingual and multi-currency — supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Easier checkout process
  • Payout Released Report
  • Changes to user dashboard.
  • Features Added
    • Added Zip Code validation
    • Zip Code shows Location
    • Password strength meter
    • Random password generator inline
    • If any error happens in the server, users will not lose information sent earlier

Cloud MLM software version 8.0



  • Added Simple Simulation Module
  • A dedicated high-performance engine for error-free compensation calculations
  • Comprehensive activity dashboard
  • Enhanced security middleware implementation
  • New Registration wizard

Cloud MLM software version 7.0


The cloud MLM software is slipped to a new one with 100+sharing options from within the dashboard. It also shows a referral link to 100+ social networking sites and A replication link to 100+ social networking sites. Version 7.0 contains a custom range filter for ticket graphs such as today, yesterday, last seven days, last 30 months, this month, and last month, and a custom range date picker.

  • Added links to profiles and trees from user widgets in the dashboard
  • New demo site
    • Added new demo site/replication
    • Added example for implementing campaign subscription
    • Minor changes in UI
    • Better caching of resources

Cloud MLM software version 6.0


Here users can find changes in tickets, which change status and priority from the panel itself. Ajax used. The default status is opened, resolved, closed, archived, deleted, unverified, and requested approval. Default priorities are also added, such as low, usual, high, and emergency. V.6.0 comes with profile photo features and cover photo features. They have implemented an ajax mechanism for cover and profile changing. There will be an information area with a flag and possible information about the user. Ajax-based notes features were also added. It also added rank, referrals, and balance widgets in profile pages—designed a timeline for activities with human-readable data.


  • Added Activity tab in profile
  • Added' Scroll Top' button for lengthy pages
  • Ticket system - Added Canned responses option
  • Ticket system - Added change color option with color picker for ticket types
  • Changed colors for all statuses and priorities to understand quick
  • Email - Fixed a jQuery bug where users won't be able to click on the latest messages
  • Email - Added a count label on the Email inbox navigation
  • New genealogy tree
    • Features
      • Pan and Zoom
      • Facebook-like Hover Card with Profile and cover
      • Fast loading
      • Drag tree
      • Switch images on/off
      • Switch the background grid on/off
      • Reset tree option
      • The search member option now shows both username and Full Name
      • Faster per-person navigation
      • Parent navigation
    • New Registration wizard
      • Features added
      • Added Zip Code validation
      • Zip Code shows Location
      • Password strength meter
      • Random password generator inline
      • If any error happens in the server, users will not lose information sent earlier
    • Main navigation - Shrink switch added.
    • Rearranged menu items
    • Grouped menu items based on categories for a better navigation experience

Cloud MLM software version 5.0


This version of cloud MLM software is built with new features that meet clients' requirements, such as the core framework being upgraded with laravel 5.4. Design changes occurred, and users can switch their currency. Also, you can find a status button that showcases whether you are offline or online for downline members inside the system. Added 3 phases above the graph 'Users Joined over time' for quick information, including weekly, monthly, and yearly. It encompasses an email system that looks like Gmail, with fast loading, read and unread status of messages, and a bulk delete option.


Filter tickets based on

  • Unlimited currencies with dynamic or static values
  • Added Date and Time bar in Software.
  • Quick link to support
  • Added new graph - Package purchase
  • The ticket overview graph includes open, closed, and reopened.
  • Added top recruiters list in the dashboard
  • Added Arabic and turkish
  • Ticket system - Total replacement - Helpdesk
  • Separate dashboard for Ticket system in full-page view
  • Toggle Software's main navigation by clicking on the toggle
  • Filter tickets based on
    • Department
    • Priority
    • Status
    • Category
    • Ticket Id
    • owner
  • Gmail system includes
    • Check all option
    • Paginated for a better browsing
    • Full-width design for mailbox
    • Add Multiple users in the composer
    • Summernote with attachments
  • Reply and forward without page-load
  • Manage helpdesk departments
  • Manage ticket categories option
  • Manage ticket priorities option
  • Manage ticket types option
    • Default options added
      • Bug
      • Request
      • Review
      • Query
  • Manage Knowledgebase
    • Create article categories
    • Create articles
    • Publish immediately or schedule a date and time

Cloud MLM software version 4.0


This version embraces the features such as multi-languages, including Espanol, Deutsch, Portuguese, Francis, and Italian. Other features are


  • Added a new landing page that the admin can manage.
  • Redesigned the Software with bootstrap 3
  • Added more currencies
  • Added dynamic currency retrieval from external providers
  • Added WordPress integration built into the core
  • Added Open-cart integration built into the core
  • Added Drupal integration built into the core
  • Register by clicking on a vacant tree

Cloud MLM software version 3.0


The keystones of this version are a multi-Currency system, and values can be added by admin and Design Bug resolved, that is, Multi-Currency Switch overlapped by header. It also added third-party Email server settings and integrated built-In emails with the same. It also added three default plans, bronze, gold, and silver.

Other features include,

  • Feature request - Added - Admin can change fav-icon now
  • Added Quick Email notification in header.
  • Added referral link in users dashboard
  • Added activity history for every user
  • Change plan form - redesigned the wizard.
  • Removed the last change incompatible with PHP 5.1.x and lower.
  • Fixed performance issues related to configuration
  • Added Documents Upload option
  • Voucher generation - Code Change
  • Profile - Added status tabs in the profile area
  • Users can now see the referred users in their profiles.
  • Admin can change user's passwords now
  • Added Service Charge - Binary commission settings
  • Added Tax - Binary commission setting

Cloud MLM software version 2.0


This version is entirely different from version1.0. This version embraced so many features such as a ticket system in software, a package in the registration form, and added Added National Identification Number in the registration form. Also, in this registration form, we added a We-chat id. In registration validation, we added client-side validations and password validation that made input more strong validation. The registration form added Added Cheque as one payment method and Integrated paypal as one payment method. Also made a change in the E-wallet payment method for more security. It also attached the credit fund option in the admin panel,Added the in-built Email. This email system encompasses integrated Ajax functions for faster browsing and added summer, not the editor, for better email messages .In this ticket system includes priority, tag, status, and category forms.

Another cornerstone features are,

  • Integrated MLM Software leads with ticket system
  • Ticket system - Changed design to suit Cloud MLM Software
  • Fixed design bugs
  • Ticket System - Added Ticket FAQ management
  • Added Auto-responder - Admin can set auto-responder emails to be sent automatically
  • Fixed design bugs: Auto-responder design
  • Added Multi-Language System in Cloud MLM Software
  • Translation languages such as Spanish and french

Cloud MLM Software 1.0


The first release of Cloud MLM Software only provides basic features. It has reorganized menus that look easy for navigation. It also improves the theme, such as W3C validation on a best-effort basis, and adds skin "dark ." Cloud MLM software revised the documentation and added the graph of Members joining Analytics and income Vs. Payout.

Also, it comprises with other features like 

  • Attached genealogy tree design
  • Genealogy tree - Added popups on hover
  • Genealogy tree - Added per-person navigation
  • Added Recent Plan Top-Up in the admin panel
  • Added New Registered users panel
  • Assembled and designed the sponsor tree for a better view
  • Fixed bug - Popover stays after per-person tree navigation
  • Tree view genealogy - Redesigned to meet the software design
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