What is an open source MLM Software?

Open source MLM software is a software in which the source code is made available with a license for general public for use and it is available for modification


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At the time of development, startup MLM companies may not be able to invest huge amounts of fund in their business and MLM software development. Instead, they will need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test their ideas into customers and real-time marketers, and eventually extending the software and its features.

To overcome this risky situation, MLM  businesses can make use of opensource MLM software. There are MLM software available for any kind of  MLM plan. i.e. Binary, Matrix, Uni-level, and custom MLM plans.

Definition for open source software

Open source software is a free computer software in which the source code is made available with a license for general public for use and it is available for modification by anyone.

Why use Open Source MLM Software?

Many people prefer open source MLM software because they have more control over that kind of software. It is the best and most cost-effective solution for network marketing business.

Through this you can get 100% complete source code along with database file and documentation. and this  MLM software has wide range of settings, will let you to run profitable mom business in your own way.Iit will also be provided with advanced MLM solution to help you enhance your online marketing for the products.

Who can make use of Open source MLM Software?

An Open source MLM software is the best solution for both corporate businesses and web Entrepreneurs for handling various activities of their MLM business. Also startup MLM companies can make use of it.

Basic functionalities an Open source MLM Software must have.

An MLM software that comes in multi-language feature and made with thoughts in security, flexibility, user friendliness.

With this open source MLM software, you should be able to keep track of downlines, contacts, appoints, tasks. Also you should be able to calculate commissions for number of MLM plans, i. e, binary, matrix, Uni-level and custom plans.

Moreover, open source MLM software is integrated with custom CMS to give maximum easy user interface. this makes software coding very easy and secure. It increases the performance and security of the website.

Advanced functionalities an Open source MLM Software may have.

The open source MLM software comes with tremendous options like SMS integration, E-pin, e-wallet, e-commerce ....etc. This can be integrated in MLM plans.

  • Investment dashboard

    An investment dashboard is an real time user interface belongs easy to read and often single page showing the graphical presentation of the snapshot [current status] and historical trends of an organization’s key performance indicators[kpi] to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance. Investment dashboard is very clear and detail about all the members with their investment plan and commission.

  • Ajax Functionality

    Ajax is the function of exchanging data with a server and updating the web pages without reloading the whole page. Open source MLM software use Ajax in entire website to avoid page reloading.

  • E-pin

    E-pin or personal identification numbers are a secret code consisting of letters or numbers, similar to call and text cards that is used to verify the identity of the individual trying to access a computer system network, credit card account, atm...etc and are given via user dashboard.Each e-pin has a pin number which you can use to reload. It helps to in secure money transaction and perfect product delivery in any platform.

  • E-wallet

    E-wallet is an online prepaid account where one can stock money,to be used when required.It allows an individual to make e-commerce transactions.this can include purchasing items in an online store without swiping a debit or credit card. It will be linked with bank accounts.

  • SMS integration

    Nowadays SMS is an important part of open source MLM software. The SMS gateway services and SMS management systems are the functional way to send individualized or bulk text messages.

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce is the shopping cart system which means buying and selling of products or services using electronic systems and devices such as computer network and internet. Through open source MLM software you will have to develop e-commerce shopping cart systems with various popular open source software like magneto, open cart systems and also custom shopping cart developments with in-built payment gateway modules.

A list of things to consider when purchasing an Open source MLM Software

  • Scalable: Software should be scalable. There shouldn't be any performance degrading when a large group of crowd using the software.
  • Cost effective: Always think about your budget. Go for the best with less cost.
  • Easy to manage:Beware of systems you do not understand. Choose a software that can be managed easily.
  • Extensibility: Software should be extendable and customizable. When you need an additional feature, software must have extensibility. So developers can integrate things more fast.
  • Usability:Think about your users, your network. make it easy for them to use.

Lets have a look at the entire MLM business, you can see and understand, our Cloud MLM software is one of the best open source MLM software developers amongst the world.we have highly experienced technical team to assist in your success. our technical team is always ready to adopt new technologies to provide the best IT solution and always dedicated for clients security and believes in client’s satisfaction. We use the advanced free open source PHP frame work, LARAVEL in development of cloud MLM software.

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