Sou Sou flower MLM plan

The Sou Sou MLM plan is growing day by day in every country around the world.This plan is mostly used in the United States because of their money-gifting nature.


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Sou Sou flower plan is otherwise known as cash gifting or crowdfunding plan. The Crowdfunding plan is like a gift MLM plan so friends and families can gift money to others, and each gifting is considered as a blessing or blessing loom.

Sou Sou flower MLM Plan Structure

                                                                             Sou sou flower chart

                            sou sou flower chart

The structure of Sou Sou’s Plan is considered as a flower and it has 4 layers i.e., FIRE, AIR, EARTH, and WATER. The water member is placed at the loom's center. The new members gift money to the water level members and join the Sou Sou MLM scheme at the fire level. When the 8 new members are joined in fire level, the fire level members need to gift a certain amount of money to the water level members. And by receiving this money a water level member exits from the loom. And then the loom is divided in two, so the water level member exited from the first loom joins the next loom as a fire level member by gifting some money obtained from the first loom and this cycle continues. There are certain criteria for every level if it is achieved the members are promoted from one level to another. If a member in fire level achieves the goal then he is promoted to air level then earth level and so on. 

  Working of Sou Sou flower MLM Scheme

                                                                                                     Sou sou Diagram

                                            sou sou diagram

The Sou Sou plan is growing day by day in every country around the world. Trust is the main factor in this plan that helps to reach success. This plan is mostly used in the United States because of their money-gifting nature. You receive a message on social media from a friend or family member inviting you to join in this profitable business plan. This is how the blessing loom concept usually begins.

As explained above about the layers of the loom, when a new member joins in this plan they first go to the basic fire level. I will explain it with a money concept,first a new member joins the plan with $100 then he or she gift the money to the member in the “water” level. And when the eight new members in the fire level gifts money to the water level members they exit from the loom and the fire level members get promoted to the next level that is the “Air” level. At this time the loom is divided into two looms and the fire members are placed to the air level. And you can refer new members to the vacant spaces of the fire level. They gift money to water level members and so on.

By the successful completion of the air level, you will be promoted to the “Earth” level and then, you should have reached the "Water" level  when the eight fire level members give you $800 "gift" or "blessed." After this, the loom gets separated into two looms and you should exit from the first loom. And gift another water level member to join as a fire member in the next loom. And you can give $100 to become a fire member. This process continues in this manner. At the end of the first loom, the water level member obtains 800 dollars, and by giving $100 from it you will be promoted to fire member in the new loom and you can save $700 that you gained from the last loom.

If you deposit $100 on the bank you only get low interest on it and the bank holds their transaction charges, message charges from this deposited money. So you have a loss in this case and there is so much paperwork are to be completed for account purposes. So this is the reason the people join the sou-sou plan, mainly the people in the United States.

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