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A payment gateway is a commercial service provided by an e-business claim service provider that authorizes credit cards or direct payment processing for E-businesses, online retailers in simple clicks. This service facilitates payment transaction between the payment portal like websites, mobile phones or interactive voice response services and acquiring bank by the transfer of information.

Nowadays, online business is very common among the people. But when choosing payment gateways for your business; you should have some deep professional knowledge about it. In MLM business, the responsibility is very important to achieving success in MLM industry. A payment gateway is a great tool that helps to encourage visitors of your store about your credibility.

According to some studies, the online customers would like some payment options when making purchases.

Cloud MLM software is very secure to use with payment gateways.

We are offering multiple payment gateways. It definitely impact customer fulfillment and trustworthiness. Moreover, payment security does matter as each customer has to be sure about their data safety. Payment gateway is the payment procedure which facilitates a website to accept credit cards for the online shopping and e commerce systems. It helps to the payment transaction through the transfer of information between the payment portal like a website, mobile phone etc and the acquiring bank.

These payment gateways improves the communication within banks .our cloud MLM software solutions presents in front of you the most efficient and best e commerce platforms /payment gateways. We have emerged as a top choice among our customers because of its advanced features of payment gateways. Its have Omnichannel capabilities, advanced security methods and fraud management tools.

Security is a very important point to be considered in payment gateways. In payment gateway includes the credit cards numbers that are very sensitive data’s. It must be protected from any fake parties. So the card associations have created a set of rules and security standards for access the card information including gateways. This set of rules and security standards are called PCI [payment card industry data security standards] [PCI –DSS].

Cloud MLM software solutions offer the most secure credit cards payment gateways. Through this your customers can make quick and efficient payments with just a click .we facilitate merchants with added options when a card holder purchases a service or product. Besides, we given that the ability to real time transactions, these providers can help to translate currencies amongst the two parties in different countries. As well as bridge language and payment methods, payment gateways usually charge those who use them as per transaction fee.

Benefits of using payment gateways

  • The payment gateways allow all credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments with fast and secure account verification.
  • It allows swipe or hand key payments via multiple interfaces such as mobile, POS system; software integration, shopping carts and payment plug- ins etc.
  • It helps to develop business operations with advanced management functions like profits, batching, reports, user permission and voids.
  • It makes safe your business and your consumer’s data by complying with PCI standards.

Importance of using payment gateways

When the online shopping and bill payment quickly increases, raise the need for merchants to use a secure online payment gateway system .in this modern age this system helps the merchants to develop their business by improving customer services, increasing profits and minimize late payments.

Payment gateway services are called the heart of e commerce which enables transaction online. Selecting the right payment gateway for your online business can help you to save money and keep your business running efficiently.

It is particularly intended to accommodate the growing demand by e commerce companies for complicated multi currency payment solutions to tap the opportunities for worldwide internet transactions.


Our payment gateway system provides strong functionality that helps you to increase sales while running a better business.

  • High performance ,reliability and fast transaction processing
  • full security and privacy features protecting you and your customers
  • Recurring billing
  • Transaction reporting tools
  • Easy to integrate web services APIs
  • Tokenization
  • Secure Hosted Payment Forms [SHPF]
  • ACH payments
  • Large ticket processing
  • Accounting software integration
  • A suit of fraud management tools

Payment gateway integration in MLM business

Today, the payment gateways are important as online world. The making or receiving online payments without payment gateway is not easy.ThIs electronic payment system called payment gateways are used in online business, online shopping, e commerce etc. in MLM business industry, this system commonly used for money transaction. It is a very secure medium to make payments and it encrypts sensitive information in digital format.

Our cloud MLM software solutions integrated with payment gateway system .through this system you can automatically lists the transaction that is created by merchants. The transaction includes signing up new members, member renewals, online registration, buying new products, online purchase, bonuses etc.

When a transaction is occurred, it is read by the processor and inform credit card about the amount charged. Then the additional notification is sent by the merchant and the details of transactions are kept in online merchant account and the same details are forwarded to user‘s bank account via EFT [Electronic Fund Transfer].

Our company not only works for MLM software but also for other online shipping and e-commerce systems . we assure that the security of the payment gateway system by integrating it to the various service providers like PayPal, payout etc.

Cloud MLM software solutions provide the payment gateway system and it connects with a global network of banks, so you can grow your E-commerce business faster. Our highly experienced professionals and technical team works for payment gateway integration. We integrate complete, fast secure, and reliable payment gateway systems for our customers.

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