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MLM Party Plan is a method chose by merchants for advertising or marketing of products by organizing social events like a home based party, get-together or any function. During this occasion, the products will be presented for sale.


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The MLM Party Plan is a direct selling method and this MLM plan promotes or markets the products through the social events like the home-based party. This plan concentrates both on the multilevel marketing and single-level marketing and also in this plan the host can offer the guests the scope to host some other business party.

The Party Plan Software or Home Party Plan Software is a web-based application to manage, organize the party, host, Guest and the sales report in the database, in order to run the business smoother and efficient.

What is MLM Party Plan ?

MLM Party Plan is a method chose by merchants for advertising or marketing of products by organizing social events like a home based party, get-together or any function. During this occasion, the products will be presented for sale. Therefore, we can call this act as direct selling.

In this system, the salesperson conducts a home party, during this they sell products and also ask or give the opportunity to the guests to host the business parties. This plan is mainly used for marketing the products which is used or related to women. So this business plan is mainly followed by women. The commodities like cosmetics, kitchen utilities etc are marketing through party plan. Often a combined party will be conducts, where a different type of products will be sold out. It mainly includes multilevel compensation plans. The MLM party plan helps the agents to recruit others to sell their product. It has international sales forces. Agents can be called as independent contractors. They get paid based on the orders they receive. Party plan companies call their agents by the name consultants. This type of companies normally influence to attract women. Today few men also join in party plan.

Party Plan companies have a complicated order entry system which consists of the following functions: Cash and checks from a single party, shipping to different Regions and payments are made through the credit cards, booking of the rewards, hostess rewards and multiple orders from various consumers.

How is Party Plan MLM organized?

A party begins when guests and hostess meets. Depends on the volume of the party sales, the hostess will get free or half- priced products. Clients can get their orders exported directly. Combined party order can also be exported to the consultant or hostess. When the party order comes, the agents or owner have to develop a free order for marketing. It should be priced a little so that the actual retail clients will buy the products.

Today, MLM party plan forces use the internet to market new and repeated clients. Another method for trading is by presenting the catalog during the party, 1 to 1 sales, fairs & shows. The most of the consultants like the products and experiences that they are able to make some extra earnings by arranging parties or trading their products. Most people included in their direct sales career to recruiting and to develop. But others feel attached to the products. They normally view the social form of the parties as a fun or a better way to sell and recruit.

How MLM Party plan companies sell their Product?

MLM Party Plan companies trade their products to retail clients. In the beginning of the MLM Party plan, there is less importance on MLM Compensation Plans. Chance is more centered on the product and the personal commission if the product is sold. One of the focus of selling models of the Party Plan company is the party itself.

Party Plan companies have a complex order entry system which consists the following.

  • Cash and checks from a single party.
  • shipping to various locations and payments made from the credit cards,
  • Booking of the rewards.
  • hostess rewards and multiple orders from various clients.

Party Plan companies have the consultants who trade their products to retail clients. They recruit other people to sell the products to retail clients and they get paid for those orders. Party Plan companies trade the products with an experience incorporated with it. The product when displayed with a group of women usually builds an emotional and personal connection. For example, a jewelry develops an experience much better than a cup of tea. A party becomes the gathering place for women to have an experience in various products. Because of the social environment they are involved, they try to buy something.

Generally a party has three types of attendees, consultant, hostess and guests. The time period of the party will be about 60-90 minutes. Presentations will be short. After that, time for sampling or viewing the products reaches. Usually refreshments are supplied by the hostess. Then the party will be finished by the ladies placing orders and booking extra parties.

Benefits of MLM party plan

Main benefits that you can manage selecting our party MLM plan services:

  • It is very easy to process the orders with this software solution. Besides, it is also really easy to follow all the order entry flow with the powerful configuration tools and the properly arranged back orders.
  • It is possible to create as well as monitor good quality corporate down lines with the help of this MLM Software.
  • With the help of the consultant tools of this software, the maximum amount of potentials are achieved and the sales are boosted.
  • Standard reports for the consultants and the accounting can be effectively seen as well as filed.
  • The products can be earned free or in a half priced amount.
  • Guest can order products by credit cards, cheque or by cash.
  • Guests can also be encouraged to book their own parties by themselves.
  • The more experienced consultant will always make the business opportunity with the help of presentation or discussion.

What is included in Party Plan MLM Software?

  • Set up party
  • My party portal
  • Host management
  • Guest management
  • Register new member
  • User account
  • Release payout
  • Purchase Products
  • E-pin management
  • E-wallet management
  • Reports
  • SMS and much more …

Considering the basics of the party MLM compensation plan, Cloud MLM Software Solutions presents complete and full support for the party plan MLM companies. Since the beginning of our company, we are working on as one of the most adaptive and most comprehensive MLM software solution providers available in the market. We are very happy to provide the same accuracy and flexibility that the party plan industry needs.

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