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It is a virtual storage space which is crucial to handle and control all "cash in ,cash out" financial information of the user.


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It is a virtual storage space method which stores information about E-money, E- pin, etc. E-wallet guarantees E-commerce transactions easiness and security. In Cloud MLM Software Solutions, E-wallet holds an extensive role.


It refers to an electronic device that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. This can include purchasing items online using the devices computer or Smartphone to purchase something at a store. Formerly registered and created an E- wallet outline eliminates the need to enter in bank account information when you make payments.

Uses of E-wallet in MLM software

Like all other E-commerce platforms, MLM software’s also features with E-wallet, E- money & amp;E- pin. When a financial transaction is performed using the E- money, all procedure will be done within a matter of time. Along with the flexible features, our MLM software also ensures secured E-money transactions. For an MLM company, an E- wallet system is integrated to the MLM software. It is crucial to handle and control all "cash in ,cash out" financial information of the user. It ensures speedy and competent transaction.

Cash In Process in MLM software

• Commission from MLM plan

• E money transfer

• Deposit through credit and debit cards

Cash out process in MLM software

• Charge of new registration fees

• Withdrawal

• Buying E- pin

• Transfer to other E- wallet

• Member account up gradation

•Bonus adjustment

The E-wallet in MLM gives every member an MLM personal account and supports multiple currencies. To fully utilize this system, you do not physically send earnings out each commission period. But rather pay them in to the MLM personal account and members have control of how and when they get paid.

A member could choose their earnings to be accumulated in their E- wallet system until they have $500 and only then sent in order to reduce any service charges you may charge. This saves you much in corporate expenses or processing costs.

The MLM E- wallet is especially useful formerly you are an international company offering paychecks as your member payment method. Through this system your members are still in control as they decrease your MLM company risk as they have options in how to get paid.


  • Features of E- wallet in the Cloud MLM software solutions are;
  • Effective money storage
  • Separate secured login & amp;password method to use for the distributors.
  • Money transfer – Facility to transfer funds to other members.
  • Used for new registration and member up gradation
  • Secure and reliable
  • Use money to purchase e pins and products.
  • To perform cash in procedure
  • To perform cash out procedure
  • Used for adjusting additional benefits
  • Used for requesting E- money withdrawal
  • An entire E- wallet ledger for every distributor is maintained.


Advantages of using E-wallet in MLM business are

 • The amount in e wallet can be meant for buying E- pins

• Through the E-wallet system ,can transfer money to other E- wallet from one user to another

• The amount in E- wallet can be meant for new registrations

• The amount deducted in repurchase from payouts can be transferred to E- wallet.

• The amount in E- wallet can be used for ordering or purchasing products

Benefits of using E- wallet system

An E-wallet system provides you

  • Assimilate your bank account
  • Combine your prepaid card to your E-wallet
  • Assimilate your credit card
  • Send cash from home, office everywhere in the world
    • In sum, E wallet ensures smooth and secure MLM business with no risks. So, make sure that you select the best MLM software with a professional E-wallet system for your MLM company. Our MLM software provides an E-wallet system with various features that can ease your MLM business. For every payout, Cloud MLM Software Solutions provides his MLM users to be in complete control of your money. Our E- wallets instantly send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

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