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Technology is quickly shifting the world today, and most of us occupied in MLM don’t look like to be able to keep up. But many progressive MLM companies are taking up these technologies to directly improve and speed up the development potential of their distributors. In the past, the product and the compensation plan was the key to company and distributor victory. Today replication is the key to success in any business. In this, the intend of the company’s promotion and support systems combining new technologies to boost the replication efforts of the self-governing distributor is providing an chance to make distributor organizations on a national or even world wide level right from your home office.

The replicated website is one of the latest growing list of internet support tools being provided by most modern MLM companies. The replicated sites are important for building a strong marketing identity. The members will have instant contact to initiate marketing their replicated site, recruiting new members will lead to greater lead retention.


The replicated website is a model for a website, which may be distributed or duplicated for any number of different users and custom-made for the users. The HTML code remains the same, but information such as user names and profiles are customized to each individual distributor.

Replicated websites are the important factor of affiliate software. When a user refers a member, each member will get their own website to support business more effectively. Affiliates always emerge to support the product the right choice of them is replicating website. If they have not certified with their own site to place the banners, replicated sites are the alertness way of affiliate promotional activities.

 Replicating websites are make it easy for your business to advance on the internet by means of duplication. It offer both packaged replicating website software, as well as complete custom solutions to better suit your online efforts.

Cloud MLM Software Solutions gives distributors the capability to easily manage a wide variety of content on their own website. This custom-made website includes a photo, video, galleries, blog, social media, testimonials, promotions, feeds and more options using a graphical online editing tool that anyone can do easily. Admin can set the levels of authorization and available content options as running the brand look and experience.while all of the sites are run from a single strategy, companies have direct oversight throughout the entire development.

The replicated website URL using variables like {$username}will form custom-made page for each of your members. Members can even register a domain name and use the domain masking aspect to point a regular dot com URL to their replicated website.

Replicating website make more sense on MLM and affiliate concept. When the new member registers your down line, he will receive the personal user id which is consumed as replicated user name and their own custom-made website. Our user friendly and SEO friendly online Cloud MLM Software can easily manage your replicated website using a simple interface.

Additional concentration towards the promotional areas using affiliate, each member under the down line will receive the benefits of their business promotions. It will be expected more altitude on the business promotional activities and also features like testimonial features.

Features of our replication system

  •  Simple, easy and powerful –mechanize website replication and new sign ups in real time.
  • Provide them with tools to examine achievement
  •  Save time and money
  •  Attract new team members
  •  Provide a replicated website to your members
  • Fully customizable to meet any requirements
  • Infinite capture pages with easy HTML controls

Benefits of the replicating website

  •  Cloud MLM Software Solutions develops a business website that contains the company story, product information, payment plan policy, and employment forms. A chance surfer can make a choice to purchase a product or join the company as online and complete the full business without ever talking to a live person. Though, MLM companies understand that allowing new employees to sign on directly with the company bypassing the distributor would break the basic MLM philosophy of not competing with their own members.
  •  Cloud MLM software solutions offers each distributors to his or her own personal web addresses that’s linked directly to the company’s more vigorous website. It’s just like passing out a catalog with your name and phone number attached by directing prospects to your personal website, they may then link to the company site. This creates a technological relationship that can be recognized by the company for your profit should the outlook decide to buy products or join the company. You should then be notified of an actual transaction or an inquiry, so you can make contact for further support.
  •  The replicating website is usually controlled by the company and you have little control over content. However, look at it as a knowledgeable information package you can give away for free and you will understand what a immense asset this is to your potential success.

Advantages of replicated website

  • Create SEO friendly URL for each site
  • User can keep their site by using a web interface.
  • Promote your product and service very easily using affiliates.

The Cloud MLM Software Solutions have many years of experience in building replicating and duplicating websites with our skilled team of marketers,designers and programmers. We ensure that your experience working with us is both memorable and profitable through our team designers and programmers. When creating your online presence of replicated website, we take in to consider the psychological, demo graphical and behavioral patterns of your intent market to guarantee the leads that you are receiving are of the greatest quality. Your replicated websites allow you and your business partners to make more success.

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