Auto-responder is a software program that is used to send emails automatically based on schedules or options defined by admin user. An admin user can set time, subject and advanced options in admin panel, and promote your business via automated emails.

Auto responder is also defined as email marketing tool, that said, the system can automatically send custom messages, or dynamic messages in an interval.

An MLM software with auto responder might be a good choice for you, if you are planning to send emails from your system.

In Cloud MLM Software, you can make use of the auto-responder module in its full possibilites.we have also optimized the system for better speed and accuracy. this module can easily be managed from admin side.

You can add participants in the auto responder system, and remove whenever needed. its automated cron system runs 24X7 and it uses only bits of memory to work in background.

Auto responder is a 'MUST' in MLM business, because there may be thousands of users in a system, and sending emails individually will not be possible. here cloud MLM software makes it easy for you to integrate an auto responder with MLM software.

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