The reason Multi-Lingual MLM Software can be very important in today's marketplace, because it can quickly grow beyond the border of the country. In the world of MLM, if you start with a solution that doesn't have multi-lingual options, it will be like ignoring the majority of your users. 
There are many solutions around the web for manual translations, i.e. Google translation and Bing translation. But they are not accurate every time. That is why you’ll need a more advanced language system to be implemented in your MLM Software. It doesn’t matter of SEO or anything like that but this is intended for user experience only. 
The main reason behind taking advantage of multilingual technology is to make it accessible for anyone regardless of the linguistic problems. By using a switcher that will be visible on top of the MLM Software dashboard, with or without flag icons, can be useful to indicate there is multilingual facility is available in this MLM software. And when a user selects a language, it will be leading to appropriate page with new language set up.
Here we can help with two type of translation , one is server side that comes as package with cloud MLM software and another is using Google translation plug in, but we recommend server side package because we can change or add language as we need it and update per-string basis. 
Language switcher can be displayed in any design. Our experienced designers and web artisans will create nice designs for you. 
Normally there are three methods are used for the designing of the translation switch, 

Inline language icons

This is the common and preferred way if there are only 3 or fewer languages included. This is very user-friendly and user can get an idea to change language very fast if preferred.

Selection box

Languages can be included in dropdown box with selected language as selected. This is very useful if there are many languages available.

Dropdown with languages

A toggle button will be displayed with language switcher icon. When clicking on the icon a dropdown block will be appeared and user can select any language that appears in the block. 
For translation interface, we have set up a panel where super user can fetch and update all string that wrapped with language function, we provide this panel not for everyone but only if there are more than 6 languages offered with project.
Now, it’s your choice to go multilingual.