E-Voucher module allows users to do transactions more easily and securely. There are other payment methods though, E-Voucher can play an important role in your MLM business. It will make your business modal more simple to your users. E-Voucher codes can be generated instantly using E-Voucher module dashboard by admin user . There is no limits in vouchers count the admin can create and provide users. as far as there is money left in ewallet of the user, evoucher for same money can be generated.


  • Users can purchase products with these e-voucher codes.
  • If there is no voucher left and there is balance in E-wallet, users can request E-Voucher from admin in a button click.
  • E-vouchers will be created on highly secure basis, and each e-voucher will be unique. unable to guess or bruteforce, E-vouchers will be highly secure.
  • E-voucher can be managed by admin easily from backend. can cusotmize commission rates , discounts and other elements in e-vouchers.
  • E-voucher reports can be viewed or printed by admin, users can view their e-voucher history and usage reports.

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